19 Benefits of Sitting in Silence

Sitting in silence is a HIGHLY PERSONAL experience, but,  it is also a very real one.  

By now you already know my stand on that word… “meditation”, you know that don’t like it.  Here is why.   

Sitting in Silence, is my preference of words… and when it comes to it, just like with everything that is personal, only you can detect the benefits it brings to you — which I would love to hear about. 

However, I can tell you of the ones I found… so far… as benefits for me.

Because there is no end to the rabbit hole:

  1. The patterns that my mind uses to distract me become very clear. For example, at around the 25 minute mark, my sweet mind ALWAYS finds something to tell me, and this is something that I MUST share with James immediately, otherwise the world might end.
I observe and let it go… 100% of the time… after I finish my hour of silence… I realize that the ‘thing’ was not even close to important. Not even a bit.

  1. By minute 20, or, some days by minute 30, there is a little break, something eases up. Sometimes I can be present. In full. These are rare moments, and they are deeply relaxing. There is just peace.
  2. After I finish my sitting time I am always clear and focused. Anything I need to do, I do with laser sharp attention. I get more accomplished than I would otherwise with a scattered mind.
  3. The mind is sneaky, when it can’t distract me by showing me regrets, or lists of reasons to be angry, then… it switches tunes (devious mind…) and gives me amazing ideas for newsletters or blog spots, right in the middle of meditation. Can you believe this? The mind gets pretty smart when you quiet down! I keep a pad next to me and write one word, just so I can let it go, and remember later, and return to the silence.
  4. I have found out while sitting that certain foods do not agree with me. And I have stopped eating them. I’ve also noticed that interactions with certain people are not good for me, and I’ve stopped those too. This is how the silence prevents dis-eases, from the root.
  5. During periods of silence I have received guidance, sometimes as in a wise voice (nothing crazy), for example: an intuition to look at a certain book later on. And when I do, I find things I want to or need to learn.
  6. During the day my intuition is sharper, I feel better connected, and I speak from the heart.
  7. My relationship with my step-children has improved by this hour of daily silence. Again, I notice things.
  8. I love it when I get to a point, maybe at around minute 45 when I am not moving at all, and the breath is very quiet.  Did you know?…. There is a yogic term for this…. it is called the “stiffness“… from which the mind follows the quietness of the body…  And it works, because I feel like I am merging, like I am one more piece of furniture, like I am transparent, like I don’t exist… And yet, I come back every time sound and safe and happy.
  9. Winter S.A.D. depression has lifted. I still have my days, it is not all roses, but sitting in silence helps me identify which are the triggers that send me down (for example feeling unappreciated, or reading news of any kind). I have learned to avoid the triggers. I feel better as a consequence.
  10. If I am presented with challenging situations (which I have in the past 4 months) I sometimes hear (as an intuition) that I need to sit for 2 hours instead of one. And I do. It is always easier to sit for two. I have no idea why. Sitting for two is like a gift. But I confess that I do a walking meditation for 10 minutes after the 1:10 mark, to stretch the legs, and then go back to finish the 2 hours.
  11. My creativity soars because of the silence; I have more ideas and come up with better suggestions for others as well. Not only that, but my self-esteem has grown, and I find myself asking to talk at events, and doing things I would have not dreamed of doing only months ago.
  12. I find that sitting in silence makes us more poised and hence more magnetic, attractive, real.
  13. Sitting in silence has taught me that I don’t want to play small to cater to other people’s insecurities anymore. I want to share my talent. I want to give.
  14. I am all around a more peaceful person. It does not mean I don’t get angry, but in general, I take a little time before exploding into anger. I count to 10 or 20. I don’t know, there is a pause, a moment.
  15. I find that silence in social situations is a lot less awkward. The silence trains me to listen, and listen some more, and be OK with just being with others.
  16. I am not enlightened. I have zero super powers…
  17. Except for perhaps ONE…. I am able to have a little pause before I react, and that little pause means the world when it comes to having more options, and the decisions that I end up making, and the results they bring in turn.
  18. I have grown to respect the power of the practice. I’ve never been more prolific. And I hope you benefit from it too.
A practice in silence is revolutionary from the inside out in the society we are living in, because it reverses the tendency to look out for things, and instead it puts us in touch with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, it brings us back home.

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One Response to 19 Benefits of Sitting in Silence

  1. Claudia December 17, 2013 at 10:02 am #

    Claudia, this is one of your best articles ever, in my humble opinion ;). I agree with each of those 19 points. Great job, thanks for spreading your knowledge and experiences. I have been doing insight meditation for 3 years and it has helped me so much in my life – basically all the things you described here.<br /><br />Namaste, Carolina<br />