Conversations with Greg

Shiva (Sun) as seen from the Brick Church Station on the last days of July of 2008

So, I told Greg that I am reading the Ramayana, and that I am very impressed with the story, which I am.

He mentioned I should start singing the surya namaskara chant, and then proceeded to chant it in Sanskrit. He said that when we are saluting the sun we are asking through Rama to the Sun to open our hearts. So I did.
I felt pretty energetic with all that yang outburst of an August Sunday morning, at the high of the pitta energy after chanting to Rama (warrior, perfect male) and asking the Sun (male God) to open my heart.

I could not but wonder thought, where is the feminine in all of this?

So after class I asked Greg, again. Wonder if he might consider me an annoyance already, but the truth is, I had been reading Women Who Run With the Wolves (my favorite book of all times) on the train ride into Penn Station, so I had to ask.

He looked at me as if he did not understand.

Then he said that the feminine is in Lakshmi. Where is Lakshmi in the Ramayana? I thought to myself. It turns out Lakshmi (Goddess of abundance) is also Sita, or Rama’s wife… All of these saints are one and the same, but not all of them, it can be confusing.

Apparently as we chant in the morning we chant to all of them.



I guess I have more investigation to do, I am still not quite so happy about the Goddess being behind the male.

And no, I don’t mean it as a feminist thing, I mean it as an “integration”, or a “coming together” of both energies, something that our world, like love, needs now.

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  1. nat August 3, 2008 at 11:22 pm #

    Me gusta eso de las diosas que fluyen y se transforman, nunca se quedan quietas para que uno no se quede quieto adorándolas y ya. Besooossssss