32 Unusual things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving

OK, maybe not exactly 32, perhaps I went a bit overboard, I am just grateful indeed…

  1. You, who are reading this
  2. Being alive and healthy
  3. The beautiful Argentinean coat that husband gave me as a present  (see it in the video here)
  4. My sister and brother being alive and well
  5. Having a big family
  6. The shades of orange green and yellow in the Hudson Valley
  7. John Campbell, a.k.a. my teacher
  8. John’s assistants
  9. Mysore and all that goes with it
  10. Bloggers who talk yoga and other topics too
  11. Yoga
  12. The Vipassana people
  13. Airplanes, lately mostly the Airbus 380, can’t wait to fly it.
  14. Travel
  15. Hotel little shampooes and lotions
  16. Marriage
  17. Love
  18. Coffee with half and half with brown suggar
  19. Chocolate lava cakes
  20. Tiramisu too
  21. New York City
  22. The whole planet
  23. Healthy food
  24. Friends
  25. All yoga teachers everywhere
  26. Moon days
  27. Oceans
  28. The I-pad
  29. The Internet
  30. Music
  31. My pillows
  32. Kids around me, god children and stepchildren, and how they keep it real
  33. Comfy low heel shoes
  34. My bag
  35. Having a bath tub
  36. Olive oil
  37. Vitamines and supplements
  38. Doctors that listen
  39. Castor oil baths
  40. Daily practice
  41. TV shows like mad men, 30 rock, and Sherlock
  42. Movie theaters with good movies
  43. Sunsets and sunrises
  44. Laughter
  45. Peace


2 Responses to 32 Unusual things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving

  1. lilasvb November 25, 2010 at 10:20 am #

    it is such a good idear this list! somedays we forget to be happy and you remind us! thanks

  2. Claudia November 25, 2010 at 11:44 pm #

    Yes, I find it very useful to remember all the good things in life… Nice new picture!