32 unusual ways to practice yoga off the mat

Ursula brought up the idea for this post.  Based in Germany she has a cool blog filled with pictures and practice advise. Her latest adventure is a post to see how long have we as a community been practicing Ashtanga.

Most of our yoga happens when we step off the mat, that is when the real challenges of life occur here are 32 unusual places where to practice:

  1. Striking a pose, anywhere. I have practiced yoga in airplanes and it changes the mood for once, then there are all those other places where I have “done it”
  2. Cooking/eating right, meaning lots of greens, lean proteins, you know the drill
  3. Not stealing, following the Yoga Sutras when they say that by abstaining from taking what does not belong to us (and that also means time, energy, etc), we become instantly wealthy.
  4. Exercising contentment, living like a yogi in the midst of worldly matters.
  5. Loving ourselves, in every possible way.
  6. Conserving our sexual energy.  This one could be worth volumes of writing, getting clear about what we want in a relationship is perhaps one of the most paramount exercises in discernment we will have to make in this life time, possibly even next one too.  Sexual energy is very powerful, it is what produces and takes away life, it is the start of infinite potential in human form, it needs respect.
  7. Being truthfull, always
  8. Not killing.  
  9. Praying
  10. Practicing concentration 
  11. Meditating
  12. Thinking “how can I help”
  13. Thinking “how can I add value”
  14. Feeling our emotions, neurosis and fears, and not reacting because of them in any way that hurts others
  15. Taking responsibilities for our lives and never playing victim again
  16. Going on pilgrim, does not have to be far, there are sacred spaces everywhere. 
  17. Keeping our word.  When we say we will do something, that needs to be a law, it must happen, otherwise we are dishonoring our inborn power of manifestation.  It might be small, but just like Warren Buffet does not bet a dollar in a silly bet, neither should be use our words on promises we do not intend to keep
  18. Speaking with a clean vocabulary, never using bad words
  19. Being kind, always
  20. Creating sacred space for our practice
  21. Respecting teachers and gurus
  22. Respecting other yogis
  23. Commenting on other blogs with love
  24. Giving credit where it is due
  25. Being grateful, often, and for everything, including the ability to discern, to read, to see, to walk, to smell, to move
  26. Giving, even if in prayer form, making it a habit to give something to everyone we encounter, it can be as big as a twit of their article or as small as a prayer “may you be happy”
  27. De cluttering, making space, sacred space
  28. Using only what we need, being careful to buy what is necessary
  29. Chanting the sutras or listening to books about yoga, uplifting the conscious level
  30. Participating, joining in, making community
  31. Respecting our own psychological constitution and working with, always starting where we are, with the intention to move towards center
  32. Surrendering, understanding yoga is now, it is a process, a way of being, and saying yes to the ride.

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  1. lilasvb November 23, 2010 at 7:45 am #

    i love to read you

  2. Claudia November 23, 2010 at 11:02 am #

    Thanks lilasvb 🙂