7 One-Liners That Changed My Life On the Spot

One line can change the world: Because when someone hears something that resonates deeply, it produces internal change, and then her life is changed.  That is real alchemy. When she changes then the people around her also change. Then the people around the people that change also change. Here are my: Aha! moments from one-liners:

When Marianne Williamson said:

“To attract the coolest man in the world, become the coolest woman in the world”


“Cinderella was having a ball when she met the prince”

My whole view of relationships changed. I started taking dance lessons. I started having fun. I started having a life and working on me again.  Then dating again. I felt ready. I kept it real yet cool.

I did not push things into happening, I did not impose my fantasy or idea of what I wanted to happen onto men I dated. I payed attention to what was actually happening.  I was PRESENT. I found the piece of the puzzle that was missing!

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Learning to Salsa. Having a Ball. Keeping it Cool.
Circa Right Before I met James. Now we Tango

Not long after that, with awareness practice and following these yoga inspired suggestions to find love, I was present enough to actually encounter a being who loves me and I love.  Marianne’s CD is here.

When James Altucher said:

“Give and you Shall receive”

Which is very different from “ask” -bible version- (not that there is anything wrong with that one),  my world changed too. I felt the pulse of evolution, the higher awareness of our times, that is, for those who want to listen.

I was used to maximizing my time while living in a hostile corporate world where I could be out of a job and on the street, losing my home and my ‘identity’ at any minute. That was of course just a ‘story I told myself’, but I did not know that at that time. So I took all I could, gave little. I ended up losing it all anyway.  In a very maximized way.

When James said this I noticed I must give.  Yes, I had heard that in all the yoga books but obviously I did not get it.

I am still struggling with this one.  With the concept of giving away things for free: good content, my full attention, a book, my time. It is new to me. Yet, I have already been rewarded in ways I would have never imagined. I feel peace.

Here is Jame’s 13 suggestions of what to give.

When Eckart Tolle said: 

The pain body is very cunning and makes you unconsious 

I finally understood! We have a ‘pain body’. It’s like the Incredible Hulk. It takes over us and we are no longer us, we go unconscious.

At first I saw it clearly in others.  That is the easiest way to understand the pain body. Who ever wants to see it in ourselves? Not me!  Take family reunions, for example, do you notice how it is in those situations that you find the biggests fights, disagreements, crazy and totally out of proportion interactions?

Well this is because a bunch of “pain bodies” or people with their energies stuck in the past, unable to be present for what is, and with very pre-determined ideas of how they want their “Thanksgiving” (for example) to unfold, find that the reality is different, and want to dwell in the pain of the past.

So a father may say to the son “you would be much better off if you would have gone to law school’ or something like that, fill in the blank with your own. You know what I’m talking about. Then the son will feel his ‘buttons pushed’, his own pain body enticed, and a tremendous urge to respond.  Both speaking from past unfulfilled desires and expectation. None present for what is. No chance at being here now. Two pain bodies. Unconscious.

Tolle has a podcast he did with Oprah. It resonated so deeply that it had me laughing all along.  I laughed the most when I noticed the pain body in ME.  It had happened as earlier as the night before went I became jealous of James for very illogical reasons.

So how do you deal with a pain body attacking you?  One time a woman came over to Tolle’s place very late at night in a panic. She was being sued and spread papers on the floor and talked rapidly and anxiously about how she was about to be sued and loose everything and be totally depleted and how everyone hated her.  She went on and on. A pain body in action.

Tolle looked at her with full awareness, not judging, creating space. He did not say a word.  After about 30 minutes the woman said: “This is not that important is it?”. Tolle said: “No”.  The woman picked everything up went home and had “the best sleep she had had in a long time”.  The following morning she asked: “What did you do to me”?

What he did was give space, accept her fully, give her the moment where she could feel all her feelings, withoug any reaction at all.

When Pattabi Jois said: 
Body is not stiff, mind is 
I was taken away by the simplicity and power of the 6 word sentence! Of course!
We ‘think’ we will never be able to ‘do that’.  I know cause I never thought I would be able to touch my belly to my upper legs in a sitted forward bend.  But by easing the mind in every practice, over a long time, little by little I went further and further.
If the mind is stiff we may be tempted to stay away, or. on the other extreme, push too hard and get it done already! 
If the mind is flexible then we get on the mat every day. Work our edge. Come to the practice with full awareness. And eventually…

When Dr. H said: 
You are not sick, there is bacteria everywhere, a balanced body does not let bacteria in…
I wondered where on earth have I been living? How did I not know that?! ME! an aspiring yogi! How did I not consider the balance of energies in the body?
I am now fascinated by Chinese Medicine with a level of passion I haven’t felt since I came across Ashtnanga Yoga. My life is changed. And I am healed. Just recovering now. Getting my organs to be healthy again. Working it.
Western medicine is great, don’t take me wrong, I love my MD. But in this particular case, going throug what I went, this is what I take from it:  “The west had a plan to kill, annihilate, all bacteria, and everything else, but it had NO plan to restore my internal organs from the huge damage caused by the war”. The East is restoring me to balance.

When Deepak Chopra said: 

One of the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success is: 
Intention and Detachment 
I started getting very clear about what my heart was telling me. About what I intended to bring into the world, then letting it go.
The law comes from the Vedas and Chopra never hides this.  It is a powerful statement that changed my life cause I started to notice that it works!

We can intend and plan all we want but if we do not let go and trust, then it is like planting a garden and going to it every day to stirr the soil and check on the seeds. As if asking: did you sprout yet?  It’s not how nature works.

Once I started clearly stating my intention and then detaching from outcome the universe began to fold itself in magical ways to bring about what I intended.  Coincidences started to happen, which I took as clues, here are 3 HUGE ones, but I get them on a daily basis.
When my Brother said: 
Don’t come to save us, Claudia 
I had an enormous realization. I had been going to Buenos Aires every year with money, under the illusion that I could “fix” his life, my father’s life, my family’s life, and potentially even the country!
I had delusions of grandeur. I thought I could actually change the world!  I can’t. I was being a self-centered arrogant brat coming in pretending to be so good at throwing money at problems.  That was near 1999 where there was so much money in the US that even I had gotten a bonus after 4 months of working at a job.  I felt rich, powerful, and sure that I knew what others needed.

That is the thing with money.  It is not bad in itself, it is just an energy.  It is what is done with money that produces results. If it is used to brag or try to control others then, well, that is what some people call evil. The actions. Not the money itself!

I learned to be more humble right then and there. With one line. Thank you M.

One blog-post can also change the world:  On Monday James had a wildly successful one that has already been read by over 1 million people. One Million! 
It is called: “9 Skills Needed to Be a Super Connector“.   Do you know a connector in your life? Have you met one? I have. They are always thinking of who you could meet that could help you. They make good things happen, and the good ones do it well. 
So I thought: say that half the people reading James post REMEMBER one of the skills, maybe the one that suggests to introduce two people with an great idea for them in mind.

Say that half of those: IMPLEMENT it, and then half of those: implement it SUCCESSFULLY. Then 125,000 people would have introduced two people (maybe more than once) successfully for the betterment of both.

Last word:

To be effective, one liners or posts need to be well crafted.  For example, nobody can say: “you are having an active pain body” to someone who is ranting and going crazy at you in a completely irrational way. That will only cause defensiveness because they are unconscious.

Also a line or a post, no matter how crafty, can only be effective if written with sincerity, true inspiration, non-harming, and if the person reading is ready to listen.

What are one-liners that changed YOUR life?  Tell me please!

Dr. H. The Chinese Doctor That Blew My Mind

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22 Responses to 7 One-Liners That Changed My Life On the Spot

  1. Yyogini October 27, 2011 at 6:48 am #

    Claudia: although there are bacteria everywhere, a small percentage of them are highly pathogenic (ie. cause disease) regardless of how strong your immune system has been tuned up to be. An acupuncturist/aspiring TCM told me that if he notices a patient comes to him with an acute infection, he would send that patient to a western doctor immediately. Not all TCMs do that but they should. You

  2. Claudia October 27, 2011 at 7:23 am #

    Yyogini, yes I already know that, this is why I say the west killed everything the east restored me… I agree with you.

  3. Waqas Ali October 27, 2011 at 7:48 am #

    You are right Claudia, particular one liner can change your life. For my few lines are continuous source of inspiration and encouragement.<br /><br />Like the one from your brother, &quot;Don&#39;t come to save us, Claudia.&quot;<br /><br />Here are few favourite of mine:<br /><br />- If it is easy for you what you&#39;re doing, you are not making difference.<br /><br />- Eat what you kill. -James

  4. Claudia October 27, 2011 at 7:51 am #

    Hi Waqas, nice to read from you!!!<br /><br />Yes, that line from James, although very masculine hunting flavored resonated with me too. Especially in this new economy where corporate safety is gone, and we need to make our ways. I think only creativity will result!

  5. Jennifer October 27, 2011 at 9:09 am #

    Great one-liners, Claudia! I especially like &quot;Body is not stiff, mind is!&quot; So true! <br /><br />This one resonated deeply with me… In the TEDx talk, There Is No App for Happiness, Max Strom said, “Live your life knowing that your TIME and your LIFESPAN are the same thing… so I don’t suggest you kill time.” <br /><br />Yes- I already knew this but it really made me think about how I

  6. Claudia October 27, 2011 at 10:57 am #

    Thanks Jennifer. I like that one too. Quite a bit.<br /><br />And about time, he seems to have a very proactive approach, &#39;dont kill time&#39;.. wonder what the rest of the talk is about. In my case I am trying to relate to what is right now. I see it more as now is really the only thing there is.

  7. Lu Duong October 27, 2011 at 11:19 am #

    So happy to read that you are healing! Hooray for Far Eastern medicine!

  8. Claudia October 27, 2011 at 11:22 am #

    Thank you Lu Duong

  9. Shirley Trevor October 27, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    &quot;Be true to yourself&quot; said by many people, but I was raised knowing only that this was something my Dad always told me. I&#39;ve made plenty of mistakes but I never pretended to be anything I wasn&#39;t.<br /><br />Glad you are on the mend – that makes me happy.

  10. Anonymous October 27, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

    Claudia, thank you for being such an inspiration to me. One of my favorite line is &quot;know yourself and you shall know the universe and the gods&quot;

  11. savasanaaddict October 27, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    Love this post! A few sayings that never grow old for me are:<br /><br />- &quot;Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.&quot; (Marianne Williamson)<br /><br />- &quot;Mind not stiff, body is stiff&quot;, &quot;99% practice, 1% theory&quot; (Guruji)<br /><br />- &quot;Write like a Mother—–r&quot; (by Sugar, the advice columnist

  12. Claudia October 27, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    @Jennifer I keep thinking about that line… might have to watch the talk :-)<br /><br />@Shirley, nice that your dad said that to you all the time! how sweet!. And thanks, yes I am recovering, sloooowly but recovering. <br /><br />@Anon, where does that one come from? is that from the Vedas? I like it<br /><br />@SavAddict… oh feel free, I love those too… not so crazy about the third one as

  13. Anonymous October 27, 2011 at 6:26 pm #

    This was a very good blog post. Thank you! There is some real wisdom here. <br /><br />You and James are an amazing pair. I bet all your readers wish they were your friends and could hang out with you and have cool but casual dinner parties, go out for coffee, do yoga together, make witty banter or maybe just write clever comments on each other&#39;s Facebook pages. <br /><br />Your writing is so

  14. Anonymous October 27, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    awesome. very glad the chinese medicine is working and you&#39;re recovering. you should be proud of yourself for coming so far back so fast.

  15. Claudia October 28, 2011 at 3:36 am #

    oh Anonymous please keep going! 🙂 Thank you, I am humbled and honored by your comment.<br /><br />Anonymous #last, yes I am also very glad! Thank you.

  16. Anonymous October 28, 2011 at 3:34 pm #

    &quot;know yourself and you shall know the universe and the gods&quot; a quote by one of the ancient Greek philosophers, I think.<br />Glad that you are recovering fast. Sending much love your way!

  17. Claudia October 28, 2011 at 5:06 pm #

    Thanks for the quote Anon, and the love.

  18. Russ October 30, 2011 at 10:15 am #

    A couple of them I like. &quot;No one knows enough to be a pessimist.&quot; helps when I&#39;m thinking tomorrow is going to be worse than today, and &quot;We&#39;re never angry for the reason are think.&quot; gives one permission to rethink.<br /><br />Thanks for being on the planet with me.

  19. Claudia October 31, 2011 at 6:21 am #

    Russ I like &quot;no one knows enough to be a pessimist&quot; nice one… both of them, really nice!

  20. Russ October 31, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

    Oops, &quot;we are never angry for the reason WE think.&quot; typo.

  21. Priscilla May 15, 2012 at 10:31 am #

    I absolutely love this. Thank you for being so honest about feeling jealous about James sometimes. Just yesterday I was talking to a friend and telling him that everytime I read about a grand Tibetan Master I feel jealous, the thing is that I don&#39;t want to feel that way, but this in return makes me feel even worse. <br /><br />Also great advice on dating, I&#39;m dating again yay! And putting

  22. Claudia February 16, 2013 at 11:16 am #

    Thank you for great posts like this Claudia. I was also one of the people whose lives were changed by the E.Tolle&#39;s book.There are two one-liners that changed a little bit of who I was as well, both of them came from the same incredible person: &quot;You are your own person now&quot; and &quot;Nobody has made themselves happier through thinking&quot;.