Avoid Wrinkles

The dryer machine keeps beeping. What is wrong with it? How does my neighbor do laundry so differently?  Yesterday I finally took a deep look at the it. Machine and human, face to face. Turns out it has a special setting to “avoid wrinkles” and I had not even noticed.

Told James of course.  He warned me I had 24 hours to write the post about it or else, of course, He would write it.  Let him dream.

I am forty-four years old, which means I have a few, tiny -I’d like to think- wrinkles.  Some alongside my eyes, which grow deeper when I have a big belly laugh and don’t care at all, and some in other parts I rather not think about.

But there are other types of wrinkles I have, wrinkles of the mind, wrinkles of moods and even wrinkles in time.

I wrinkle when I get angry over something I have no control of, and I keep thinking about it, over and over.

I wrinkle in moods when forces take over and I don’t seem to be able to keep my cool.

I wrinkle time as I fail to see this moment for what it is, and get lost in the obsession and compulsion of trying to control things, of having it all go my way or on trying to change someone else other than myself.

I wrinkle health and longevity when I don’t put my own needs first, when I over-do, don’t sleep, force the body beyond its capacity while at practice, or all together avoid practice when not feeling sick – It has happened once or twice.

I wrinkle my spirit when I shortchange myself and don’t pad myself in the back with the universal whispering of “grow” “try it” “yes you can”.

I wrinkle myself when I don’t acknowledge that I am already fine, exactly the way I am, right now.

Today I intend to live wrinkle free, in this moment with my practice, with the rhythms of the universe.

And if all else fails then I will wear some extra make up.

2 Responses to Avoid Wrinkles

  1. kamalravikant August 22, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    Oooh, I like this. The shift from physical to mental. Very nice, Claudia.

  2. ClaudiaYoga August 23, 2012 at 8:09 am #

    thank you 🙂