My 5-Week “Masters” In Self-Publishing Done Right

Thanks to those of you who wrote me to see where I’ve been.  I’ve been helping James with his latest project which is a self-published book: Choose Yourself! only, unlike the ones we did before, this one is being done right.

Still self-published, just with a team of people who help us, and believe me, the learning curve of  all the things and details we had to learn was HUGE.

Below is the cover of the book.  James was lucky enough to get Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter to write a forward for him, that is why the little bird is flying in the lower right corner.

The design of the cover was a beautiful process in which we got to see four different ideas and then choose one, then a very talented graphic designer helped us with details, colors, etc.  There is a whole team helping with the interior design of the book as well.


Having a professional, excellent editor, was one of the most rewarding experiences of the process.  I had no idea that editors could be THAT good and helpful.  More of that when James writes his post.


I learned quite a bit about audio-recording books so that they can be distributed through Audible (another company that Amazon -smartly- bought).  I went with James to the studio for both days in which he was scheduled and it was very interesting to see how it’s done.

The studio itself has recorded famous books like Freakonomics, and has had celebrities like Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep read novels.

It all sounds fabulous but it comes down to a small enclosed space with a mic and an engieneer outside who checks your pronounciation of every word and the tone, weather to repeat a line or not, etc.

For James it was exhausting.  Talking for 4.5 hours for two days is kind of like going through primary and second series all together.

Here is the cover for the audiobook, it had to be a square so the design changes.

James will be writing a big post with all the details which I will probably re-print here when we finish with the whole process because it can help anyone thinking of self-publishing.  It felt almost like an MBA, or an MSP (Masters in Self Publishing).
Throughout the process James became the first best-seller author to sell his book (before the official release day) only with BITCOIN.   Here is that page 
If you have not heard of Bitcoin yet, it is a paralel currency of sorts, something like a system of barter. I still don’t understand it very well, but here is the article that Business Insider ran where James talks about why he is selling the book on this alternative currency, which he calls the: “Choose Yourself Currency“.
The hardcover, kindle, and audio book will be released in Amazon on June 3rd.
More to come.  Enjoy your practice!

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3 Responses to My 5-Week “Masters” In Self-Publishing Done Right

  1. Claudia May 15, 2013 at 9:04 am #

    Wonderful! Self-publishing – so intriguing. Looking forward to hearing more 🙂

  2. Claudia May 27, 2013 at 9:01 pm #

    Awesome that James is using bitcoin! Now, we need to get yoga studios on board. Maybe Sharath will start accepting bitcoin.

  3. Claudia June 16, 2013 at 11:22 pm #

    Sharon Pingitore recommended it. I bought it this week, it was delivered, and I'm half way through it including the fact I was leading yoga at a meditation retreat all weekend basically meditating all weekend and made time to read it at night. Ah-ha moments from the get go. I needed something outside the yogi Buddha box. Perfect timing on so many levels and ways.