How To Get Any Job You Want: Guaranteed

When someone says “guaranteed” I get a neg-gut reaction, you probably do too,  so let me say it right off the start: this woman is doing it. She is getting the job she wants. TODAY.

She may or may not get the “company” she wants, true, but she is talking to the CEO of Airbnb TODAY, right here in San Francisco, where I am blessed to be.

How many resume senders get that opportunity?


There is a way out of the Alcatraz of the Mind

So it works…  And you can listen to James and I deconstruct exactly what she did right here.

Because whenever you get out of your comfort zone, write ten ideas, think differently… The world opens up to you. It has no evolutionary choice!

And if Airbnb doesn’t hire her today… – Who cares?

The sheer amount of publicity she got (a queen re-tweeted her, and not a Disney queen, a real one) means she is now in the VERY open market.

She is unstoppable.

So yes, you can get any job you want GUARANTEED…

Just follow what she did… Her name is Nina, and she is my favorite Choose Yourself person of the week

I was so taken that I had to stop and write down what she did…

Mostly because I want to remember it for myself… To keep it as a ribbon in my finger to always do things differently… To always aim to “disarm” or “floor” as the CMO of Airbnb ended up admitting, whomever the decision-maker maybe.

And note that it is not important what company the decision maker is at, Nina chose herself.

Realistically there is no stopping her…

This is what she did in bullet points:

  • She came here determined. She wants to work for Airbnb.
  • She studied the company. She knows everyone, she knows who does what, she did market research, she KNOWS Airbnb inside out
  • She did the usual route… Sent resumes… Noticed what DID NOT work
  • She created a page online that looks like an  Airbnb Profile
  • She used EXCELLENT COPY WRITING SKILLS. “Hey, I’m Nina. I want to work for Airbnb” is the first sentence…  I also see immediately how to contact her on the left.
  • At the end of her short paragraph she gives a CALL TO ACTION “Please scroll through the report and contact me when you are done”  –  (Brilliant!)
  • She identified urgent problems and opportunities for Airbnb in the Middle East Market…. Especially in wealthy areas like Dubbai, Quatar… etc.  AND gave the actual number of Airbnb lists at the moment (very low)
  • She raised objections (yes there are some laws that may get on the way) and offered solution (but we can do this…)
  • She offered to work in ANY capacity… Including serving coffee…
  • She used to work for Queen Noor, the queen of Jordan, who is very pro-women and always trying to help.  BUT DON’T dismiss her for that…

Airbnb Thank you Noor Al Hussein

  • Any of us can get a Tweet from an influencer… by following this exact method…

The CMO of Airbnb was the first to Tweet… First he said he could not ignore a queen tweeting, then he said he was “floored”

Airbnb Jonathan Mildenhall

The CEO of Airbnb was “reviewing the resume” which means: yes, we will have coffee… possibly today… Maybe I can go paparazzi on them and see if I find them.

Airbnb Brian Chesky

So will Nina get the job at Airbnb?

Maybe yes maybe no…

All I know is the FORCE is STRONG with her.

Because she chose herself!


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