Yoga: Last Friday’s Practice Video in 5 Minutes

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2000.  But I committed to a DAILY – Non Interrupted Practice on April of 2007.

That means my practice has just turned 8 years old… Happy birthday dear practice, I am eternally grateful to you.


When this time of the year comes around I honor it with a YouTube video.

I set the mat, and then put the camera to take one photo every 4 seconds. Then I make it into a fast video.  It is mostly for me, to see the progress, to see what happens, and for fun.

This year I finally got to add the pranayama portion at the end, which I’ve been doing since last July.

Pranayama had a hard time sticking with me for many years, but now it feel indispensable.

And visiting Yoga Thailand last summer had a lot to do with that…

For example, It re-focused me and it had me tasting some of the benefits, like the incredible serenity and silence afterwards, the relaxation of the midsection of the belly, and a better disposition to accept anything that life may throw my way…

Some people may think this is showing off.  I can see how that could be the case.

I see it differently, I see it as showing my work, and watching what happens over the years.  I see it as a documentary of a practice and a way to cheer myself up for progress and notice the places where I may be slacking (supra kurmasana).


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