10 Reasons I Must Be The Next CEO Of Twitter: Vale!

Growing up in Buenos Aires I had dreams of being an actress and winning an Oscar. I gave speeches of gratitude to the Academy in the only bathroom we had for our family of five.  The soap was my microphone, the mirror my audience. My hair was beautiful.

But my father said I should learn to type and be a secretary.  So I did.

Estoy Capacitada Para Ser CEO de Twitter

Estoy Capacitada Para Ser CEO de Twitter

His words melted into my bones and convinced me there was a ceiling for me: Secretary, maybe teacher.

That changed today, when my husband looked me in the eyes and told me I have so many ideas I should be CEO of Twitter.

He knows. Because I am the #3 level employee at the company we co-own.  I don’t yet take a salary.  We are on course to make 8 figures on the first year of operations.

If I had a title it would be something like:  “Senior Vice-President Of Talent Management and External Communications, WSJ best seller author, Producer, Project Manager, Financial Advisor and Person Who Does Everything.”



I am an idea machine.

Dick Costolo’s Exit of Twitter is UNFAIR:

Costolo put a stellar development team in place, for example, I have not seen the whale of “Twitter down” in a while, have you?

Also, when links became too long to be shared he created  his own Twitter shortener in-house(!) instead of buying another company.  That speaks of high talent.

Costolo took Twitter public and I don’t think the price of the stock is so low as to kick the CEO out.

The price is quite alright where it is at, for now.

I will make it grow.

By the way, I am an investor in Twitter. I own an entire 50 Shares.

Ten reasons why I am best qualified to be CEO of Twitter, because if not, the stock will go straight down.

1) I’ll Get The Next Billion Customers

I’ll be the first Latina CEO in Sillicon Valley  which will bring enormous free advertising, scrutiny, yes,  and word of mouth. I’ll tweet often in Spanish and English. Si.

Sigueme en Twitter

53 Million people in the United States is Latino.  by 2043 we will be the largest ethnic minority, and by 2050 we will be about 35% of the population.

One in four millennials is of hispanic origin today, and that number is growing FAST.  Very soon it will be two out of four millennials.

I understand millennials. And I understand Latinos.

TODAY latinos have 1.5 TRILLION dollars disposable income.

Decisions about spending in latino homes tend to come from women. Like me.

I make EVERY purchase decision in our home.  Except for books, James buys books.

I buy everything else, from insurance, to plane rides, to vacation destinations, to hotels, to clothes and household supplies.

I tweet actively to companies in Twitter.  Those who respond get a soft spot in my latina heart.

I will also meet presidents and celebrities throughout South America, as well as Spain and Portugal, speaking THEIR language (I am a native Spanish speaker (attended the University of Buenos Aires and Hunter College in NYC) and I am learning Portuguese, which is not that hard).

I will run special Twitter Q&A sessions with influencers leveraging their reach to gain new engaged subscribers.

We will have Shakira, Selma, Sofia, Luis Miguel, Messi, The Pope, and the CEO of Azul interested and fascinated with  Twitter.

Actually the CEO of Azul, David Neeleman, already knows about Twitter.  He also founded JetBlue which is a top Twitterer…  Hi @JetBlue 🙂

Azul, which is Neeleman’s new Brazilian airline, should follow suit big time!

And so should all Airlines in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, as well as all other companies.

PROMISE: I will reach one more billion engaged users within 18 months.

One Billion

2) My Mantra: One Change At The Time

At the moment we are rolling the expansion of private messages in Twitter from 140 to 10,000 characters.

I want to make sure this is a success before we start looking everywhere for new things to do and disperse the energy.

Things are going well and there is no need for such enormous rush.  Panic is not a good friend.

El que mucho abarca poco aprieta.

3) Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke

We are growing revenues by 74% a year!

if it aint broke dont fix it twitter


Did you read that?

Seventy-four percent revenue growth a year!  That is what Sacca said recently.

Let’s take a step back and congratulate the company, the employees, the customers and everyone involved.

Thank you Dick Costolo!

No public company of that scale is growing anywhere as fast” said Chris Sacca…

So, let’s back up and think this through for a moment.  Let’s do the intelligent thing, and not make noise for noise’s sake.

Mucho ruido y pocas nueces! – Prefiero ser tortuga en vez de liebre.

4) Internal Weekly Idea-Brain-Storm Sessions

I will hold idea-machine brain-storm sessions to determine priorities on what to focus on next.

In fact I just run an idea generation session at the HQ of Arnold Worldwide in Boston.  I was amazed at the power of brain storming when it is done the right way, in a safe environment, where no idea is bad.

Then what happens is that the combination of ideas results in 1+1= 1,000,000,000

I will listen to ALL ideas from all Twitter employees A-la Jack Welch.

I want to hear what everyone has to say.  Including power users.  I will run surveys for them.

twitter ideas

Weekly Idea-Sex

I will then combine all ideas and run them extremely talented advisors, including:

Dick Costolo -if he would let me, please Dick!-, Jack D, my husband James A, and of course: Sheryl S., Marissa M., Meg W., Angela A., Danna S., Claudia G.,  if they will be friends with me (they will because I lean in), to help me brain-storm what the best next thing would be for Twitter and the users.

I will hold encouraging lunches for women and minorities of the whole world to make the talent pool much larger and help each other out.

5) Wall Street

Wall Street can rest assured the stock price will go up because we will be bringing new streams of revenues immediately (#6) and we will double in customer numbers within 6 months.

I disagree with selling Twitter to Google or to anybody.

That is a weak move that reeks of desperation.

We have a solid, great company and I want to grow it.

Once a company insinuates their goal is to sell, that is the death of the company, the culture, everything.

Mas sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.

I will look into acquiring companies that can help me get more engagement while not being so expensive yet. For Example: Eventbrite or SurveyMonkey.

6) Hashtag Auction: New Stream of Revenues

I’ll make Hashtags not count against the 140 characters in exchange for a price.

For example:  If you want to own #lawyer (and not have it count against the 140 characters) you can buy it via auction-determined price.

Then people searching would get the bidders’ tweet first.

Hash-Tag Auctions

This makes (a) Wall Street happy as new revenues flow in  (b) caters to advertisers and (c)  people can more easily find information, like in Google, on who is paying to be at the top for their industry.

7) Restructure Twitter Feeds

I will re-structure Twitter feeds so that when opening I can see the Latest Tweets with the most ENGAGEMENT first

I want the Latest Tweets with high engagement to show at the top rather than get buried. They will appear mixed in with the most recent tweets.

This rewards top twitter users and makes them more likely to keep attracting new users by sharing content of top quality

CONTENT IS KEY.  I want good content shared.  This makes the best content stand out

8) Twitter Wars: Aim To Reduce Them.

Twitter wars are awful and destroy reputations. Many times they are completely out of control and down-right hateful for no reason.

I will consider an option for a person being attacked to be able to block an attacker from either using their personal name or handle.    But this is only for extreme cases.

I’d consider having an “editor” like Quora has, that verifies the validity of the claims against a person being publicly burned-alive, or a button to “report abuse” like Facebook/Google has.

I won’t make this move before consulting and getting ideas from everyone and brain storming, and I will not implement any new product or feature unless I know it works in ALL OPERATING SYSTEMS and MOBILE, which brings me to…

twitter peace

Twitter Peace

9) Periscope

Adoption has been slow.  Android users can only get it now, since May of 2015…

Why the rush which rolled it only to Apple users?  It really pisses Android people off to have to wait!

In fact: I am a power Twitter user and don’t understand it well yet

Why is it a different application?

Why is it not integrated with Twitter?

Why did I get suggested people to follow instead of the people I already follow?

I trust Einstein that if you cannot explain something in one simple sentence you probably didn’t think it through.

Periscope needs a story to go with it.  It needs to be accessible and clear.

Story telling is at the CORE of what Twitter is, but if we don’t pick it up pronto! with Periscope… It may be forgotten.

Let’s integrate Periscope more into the feed.

I will hold several live very-important events with Periscope (for instance, an interview with the President). While organic growth is great, sometimes a few viral live events can feed right into organic growth.

10) Prizes For Feedback

I will run feedback surveys with prizes in cash, goodies or vacation packages to hear hundreds of thousands of ideas from users AND investors and analyze how they use Twitter why, and what they want.

I want to know from all of them, as well as the highly qualified team we already have one simple thing:

“What can we do better?”  “Where are we falling short?” “What are your ten ideas to improve Twitter”

I will then incorporate these into our weekly brain storming sessions (point #4).



I will reassure investors and users I have them BOTH in mind.

Here’s to Twitter’s Success!

In summary: let’s get to more than a billion users, let’s be strategic about new changes, let’s integrate features that will trigger higher engagement, and let’s get companies to take Twitter more seriously (customer service, advertising, communication, etc).

Let’s take Twitter to the next level. I’m dead serious.


Why Me?

Extremely smart: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Latina, Bilingual, I hold the key to the kingdom of South America Spain and Portugal.

10 years of experience working in Argentinean and Venezuelan businesses.

20 Years of Experience working in American Businesses in every capacity, from manager to project leader to corporate teacher, to publisher, to editor, to WSJ best seller writer, to teacher, to entrepreneur, to podcast producer and host, to 3rd employee at multi-million company.

I can also do headstands, splits, and fly on the air.  See proof:


I own a passport and travel often. I am interested in other cultures.

What We Want At Twitter

We can’t afford an interim CEO, so either Jack Dorsey becomes the CEO, or I can take over.

We at Twitter want customers and investors to be happy with the product and service, and we want the company to keep growing as amazingly as it has been.

You can reach me anytime @Twitter. You know the drill  @ClaudiaYoga

I am ready.

Thanks Papi.

Gracias James Altucher for the wealth of suggestions you gave me as I was coming up with these ideas.




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