Yoga: I’m Here

We talk about planes, my brother, Mariano,  and me.

Yesterday in Benavidez I found my father’s captain bag, the one where he kept flying charts, notes, manuals with notes.  It smells like the 70’s and feels delicate.

It is black and rectangular in shape. It has stickers on the outside, one for Austral Airlines,  one from Japan, a red dot.  My dad was a captain.

Captain Clau

Captain Clau

It feels like family: rotten yet exciting.

Mariano, tells me about a show on the radio where they analyze plane crashes.  I don’t want to hear that. I adore airplanes.

“A Mythological Being” I said

Captain Hanks looked at me.  We are in the cockpit.  Alone.

“I’ve never heard that before” he said

The airline that flew me south flies the 777-200 to Buenos Aires and the 300 to Sao Paulo.

Boeing 777 200

This is what Hanks tells me. He knows.  He owns his power, he is the captain, and he has invited me to the cockpit.

Oh – My –  God –  Seriously, I’m going teenager, I think I’m salivating, I am in the freaking cockpit of a 777-200 and there are NO passengers on the plane.


The hat belonged to my dad when he was a captain for Austral Airlines in Argentina.

The hat belonged to my dad when he was a captain for Austral Airlines in Argentina.

We are in Ezeiza.


LS 83 TV Canal Claudia transmite… Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina

“All I Want is Peace” “Paz”

“It won’t be easy, You’ll think it’s strange, When I try to explain how I feel, That I still need your love, After all that I’ve done, You won’t believe me….”

Yes, I’m the girl you once knew and I am dressed-up to the nines, at sixes and sevens with you.

Fits me right on.  I only have 3 dresses. One is blue, one is tight-green, and I put my dad’s four stripes on the black one.


Dress with the four stripes

My little black dress now has four stripes.

The co-pilot and the third pilot are waiting. They cannot leave the airplane until all passengers have descended.  My brother is on seat 38-C, way back…

He has now arrived and is looking for me with the infinite patience and love he has.

Earlier he asked Lisa -a flight attendant- to have me wait for him when everyone got out of the plane.  He told her he would pick me up. And I am lucky to be closer to the front than him… and thank God for that because it got me into the mythical cockpit.

But now Mariano is here.  The flight attendants resent me slightly, and I am the happiest woman on earth.

And that is how we landed.

Let’s get the show on the road. I’m no longer the woman I was before. I am exhausted.  I need rest, peace, to finish my two books. I need love, to be loved and to love.

I miss everyone, a lot, you know who you are.

And I rest.

Resting is way underrated.  It is almost impossible when one comes from New York.

What is a weekend?

Seriously, tell me, what is it?

My brother gives me an hacha from my dad.  I hit the hacha hard on Friday night: Hachazo!” so I can rest.  Then hit it again on Monday, to start the week.

Very effective to give "Hachazos"! to things that no longer serve us.

Very effective to give “Hachazos”! to things that no longer serve us.

I’m a bad girl. I break the rules.


I come to know who I am by writing two books simultaneously, of course.

“Do you see the imbalance in that?” says Mariano

I’ve no idea what he is talking about.  Well, I’m a writer.

I write.

It helps.

I sing. I sing every day. It also helps.

Oh, and of course, I know that I’m piantao, piantao piantao, no ves que va la luna rodando por Callao.

Piantao is Buenos Aires slang for “crazy” –

And yes the moon rolls down Callao Ave if you catch it right at the exact moment.

Luna por Callao

Come and see it on the next full moon. I’ll be watching you.


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