How I Quit Sugar

This was not give up sugar and keep eating granola. No. This was no sugar, no flour, no grains, no syrups or brown molasses or agave or anything close. Nothing.  The real #nosugar.

My grandmother gave me my first cup of coffee (Instant) with 3 SUGARS at age 6.  Then she talked to me as if I was an adult, and my thoughts came together intelligently.

But I decided not to publish unless a whole four weeks of abstinence had gone by because you never know with a powerful drug like sugar. And Alas! the days have passed and the month mark is near, in exactly: 20 minutes.  I’ve made it. A whole month sugar free.


The First Week Was Easy

The long-term rewards -I told myself- would be awesome, like: no more depression, no addictive or impulsive tendencies, no more cravings, ‘relative happiness’.

Sugar after all, is behind inflammation, and inflammation is behind depression and diabetes and pretty much any disease. We, as a species, never ate the amount of sugar we eat today.  in 2015 Time Magazine published an article calling sugar “Toxic

The Hint

I hear a voice… “Sugar is behind ALL addictions” –   I treat is an insight.

Is it? Is sugar the root of all addictions?

Google gives me no results that this could be the root of all of them, only that it is being recognized AS an addiction.

I speak with a friend of mine who is an MD. “I think all alcoholics have sugar at the root of their addictions” he says. Okay, but what about narcotics? or addicts that are co-dependent? Or over-eaters?

Many in the food addiction program suggest no more sugar, flour and/or caffeine. It is not a one-fits-all but I’ve talked to many in the program who follow the protocol and recover.

The issue is that sugar increases dopamine in a similar way to drugs and after long term consumption the it does not work as well, it craves more to deliver the same high. 1

8th Day Made Death Look Appealing

The body got the message, there was no more.  And it made damn sure to make a fuzz.

I got angry.

I asked friends who are off sugar if they went through this. Got a text back: 6 months of ANGER the upper case all his.

On the morning of day 9 I saw my hands reaching over to the Domino’s yellow plastic cylinder that looks like a child toy really, so innocent.

My mother taught me a trick when she was weaning me off the pacifier, she had me sing a little song and say “there is no more” while shaking my hands.

“There is no more” I sang as the yellow toy went to the dumpster, the one downstairs, all the way outside the apartment.

The Tweet

I shared my desire to die on Tweeter.

“I lost 20 pounds since I started 8 weeks ago”

“It gets easier”

“Add more good fats”

More Fats

It was the bulletproof diet that called for no sugar in my coffee.

That was what made me give it up.  The only reason I really crave sugar these days is that moment, the morning moment, when I used to have it all…


The extraordinary amounts of grass fed butter I’ve been eating not only make my life DELICIOUS, they also help with the nosugar.  I feel satisfied.

Who EVER feels satisfied?

Try butter.

At 3 Weeks I Was Crawling

And I had a slice of pizza.  Yeah, bulletproof went off for me that day, I had to.  I also had a kombucha.

Even though these two things are not exactly sugar per-say, they come close.  But the interesting thing was that a little taste gave me a new determination to keep going.

I also got myself some Xyla from north american birch which I hear is ok although there is no high -be warn you addict, you know who you are-.

Yeah, is really not ‘just’ like sugar.


At 4 Weeks I Can Handle It

A friend says: “What about pastries”?

“You mean chocolate croissants?”




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