Hey! Ashtanga Yoga, I am NOT Dirty Cause I’ve Got My Period F/O!

In Feb 2008 I heard Lakshmi, in the yoga studio (shala) in Mysore (Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute) who is a senior Sanskrit teacher tell us that a woman on her period is “DIRTY” – Seriously Lakshmi? How about you grow the FKup?

And pleaseeeee do not give me the culture difference b/s because I just about HAD IT with it. #Metoo is #Metoo PERIOD

So here I come with my shot:  Fu*k THAT, because it is THAT blood from my own period I’m bleeding now as you read this, that got you here Lakshmi. Wake up and smell the red stuff.

Now, on a calmer but still infuriated note…

I’m really sad to see the Ashtanga Yoga world divided and in turmoil as it is now, at the hands of the “grandson” who has decided to make some rules and try to “own” the practice, or determine who can dictate it … which is not his to begin with.  Jois is not even his own last name, he changed it.

#Meltdown!!! There are tons of certified/authorized teachers who are being TAKEN AWAY the certification by not being listed on the official website.

When you give something to someone, who dare you take it away if they give no motive other than rules you decided later on to make?

This is a #METOO moment.

Richard Freeman is out of the list, Paul Dallaghan, not even Manju Jois?

Yeah, Manju, as in: the very Son of Pattahbi Jois? Who actually has the last name

All of these teachers taught me SO much that Mysore never did because they are so friggin busy you have to wait outside for an hour for your class, and barely get any attention.

Lots of teachers vanished for WHAT?

Maybe because they cannot make it once a year to the city of the flexible and leave EVERYTHING behind including family, income, and life, to go pay DOLLARS and respects to the now know as  “ji” grandson.

And it is no longer KPJAYI – NO, it is now

Oh, and there will be a new section of “Honorary Certified Teachers”  WTF!

It is infuriating and at the same time so much of the same old same old same old same old story to watch.

same old

same old

same old

The implosion begins. Sad.

Thanks Anthony Hall (Grimmly) for keeping us up to date!

P.S.: a private website seems to have a more accurate record, as well as teacher training and intensives all around the world. Things we WANT weather Sharath likes it or not.

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