Julie Piatt

The Yoga Podcast Episode 10

Julie Piatt and The Plant Power Way

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Claudia:                      Everyone, I am so happy to have in the yoga podcast, my “woman crush”. I’ll throw it out there. Her name is Julie Piatt. Julie, did I pronounce that right.

Julie:                           You pronounced it just fine.

Claudia:                      Thank you. Julie is a yogi, but she’s also one of those people who are very wholesome. She calls herself a true renaissance artist. She’s the creative force behind the ultra man, Rich Roll. You may have heard of him. He runs this – I don’t know, he’s probably one of the seven people in the world that runs these crazy marathons and Julie is the support system behind him, and his wife. And she is a vegan chef, a healer, and musician, and a mother of four, who home-schools her kids.

I mean it just keeps getting better. Through her Plantpower Way (that is the name of her book), Julie healed herself of what doctors thought was incurable. She’s also a musician in case you were wondering if there was anything else. She has two albums, Mother of Mine, and Jai Home. And her spiritual name, Sri Mati, S-R-I, M-A-T-I. And she recorded them with her teenager sons. So Julie, would you marry me?

Julie:                           [Laughter]. Ah, that’s very kind, very sweet, Claudia. I’m really, really happy to be on your show, and I’m equally in admiration of you and everything you’re doing with your husband as well, so thank you.

Claudia:                      So the answer is no?

Julie:                           You’ll have to ask Rich, but…

Claudia:                      [Laughter].

Julie:                           …why not?

Claudia:                      [Laughter]. You just released this book together with Rich called The Plantpower Way, and I want to get into that. But I started trying it. I’ve tried so many diets, you know, like thousands, you can say. And they’re always really complicated, especially when I try to go raw or try to do something very – you know. But the recipes here are easy.

Julie:                           Well, yeah, you know, it’s kind of – it’s interesting because I’m very, very proud of the fact that all of the recipes in The Plantpower Way are my recipes. So they were created in my very own kitchen, and they are rotating recipes that my family eats on a regular basis. And one of the requirements, and just how I am is that you mentioned all the things that I like to do in my life, right, so I don’t have a lot of time for fussiness or for…

Claudia:                      Right. No, I imagine. Four kids.

Julie:                           Right, or for like extreme detail or something. So all of my recipes are simple, they’re easy to prepare, and most of everything in the book can be prepared in under 30 minute, with the exception of a few recipes.

Claudia:                      Yeah. I ____ of that, I tried the Toro, the nachos, which is in Spanish, so I love that. It’s a tower of nachos. It’s all plant-based, all organic. James could not help himself to start, [laughter], before we – and it was absolutely delicious. And my plan it to keep going through the book because it’s just so simple. And what I like is that it tastes good.

Julie:                           Oh, I’m so glad. Well, you know, I have kind of a – I have a tough crew here to please. So Rich is an ultra man, which means that he’s not exactly a marathon runner, but he does a race called Ultra Man, which are double iron man races. So they take three full days to complete, and the training program to prepare for a race like this is insane.

So it actually – I actually started this sort of expression of artistic cooking, which is how I like to kind of approach it, really with the intention of feeding and nourishing my husband. It was really interesting because he would – he kind of said, babe, you know, I want to do this race. And I said, awesome, you know, I support you, go ahead and do the race. And I had no idea what he was doing. None. Zero.

All I knew I that the door opened up, he kissed me goodbye, and he left, and then eight hours later, the door would open up and he would come back in. And at the time, our little girls were still quite young, and the only thing I cared was that he took the child that I had in my hands, so that I could go record my album or work on my music, or do what I wanted to do.

Claudia:                      Right.

Julie:                           And one day kind of in the process of me handing him a child, he looked at me and he said, “You understand I just ran the better part of a marathon, don’t you?

Claudia:                      [Laughter].

Julie:                           And I kind of stopped and looked him, and I though, yeah, no, I had no idea that’s really what you had done.
Claudia:                      [Laughter].


Julie:                           So it was kind of at that point that I decided, wow, this guy is really trying to accomplish really an amazing thing in his life, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could really support him by feeding him and nourishing his body. And so I made it my focus. And when he left out the door, I would start creating recipes to feed him so that when he came home, I would replenish his body, his body would recover, the inflammation would be minimalized, and he would get up and do the same thing again the following day.

Claudia:                      And, clearly, it has worked because he’s done this not once, but a couple of times.

Julie:                           Yeah, a few times, and then actually he went on and he did a race called Epic 5, which he was one of the first two people to complete five Iron Mans on five Hawaiian islands in under seven days.

Claudia:                      Oh, I can’t even imagine that. I mean I do, you know, an hour of yoga, and I’m like, okay, that’s it. [Laughter].

Julie:                           I’m with you, Claudia. We’re the yogis. I will never, ever do that, but that is really his divine design, and his body is made do that. When supported with healthy plant-based foods, he’s just thriving, and he’s doing things in his late forties that he never could have done in his twenties.

Claudia:                      Right. You met him in yoga class 16 years ago or so?

Julie:                           Yeah.

Claudia:                      One he had a change of heart because, at first, he was a little bit of a – he was eating all unhealthy, and living the lawyer life, and having late dinners, overweight, and so on and so forth. And how was it for you to stay with him and not try to interfere being that you were so different?

Julie:                           Well, I’ll tell you, it’s a really, really, really kind of critical component to our story as a couple, and I’ll tell you that for seven years, I tried to get him to come over to my side of the street, so to speak. You know, Rich says that when you open our refrigerator, there was a very distinct demarcation to the foods I was eating, and the foods that he was eating. He was struggling, and, you know, having other challenges in his life, and it seemed so simple to me that I wanted him to just make the shift and start eating healthy, and start mediating and change his life.

And for some reason, the more that I wanted him to do this, the more paralyzed he became. So I had the great blessing of studying with an Indian master. I’m very spiritually inclined, and my life is always about seeking and studying with different masters, and mediating and journeying sort of into the other realms beyond the body. And I had this wonderful teacher, who suggested to me the concept of divine love.

And he said to me, the human love is simply a business arrangement. It’s basically we need somebody deep. We have an image that comes from us, from within us, and we project that image onto another person. And then when the person ends up not to be that image, which we projected in the first place, we then get angry at them or disillusioned with them, and it’s this kind of insanity.

And then he proposed to me that divine love is like the sun. It simply shines constantly on which whoever. It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking coffee or you’re eating junk food, or you’re a lawyer, or you’re a yogi. It simply doesn’t matter. For some reason at this point in my life, I was really able to sort of imbibe this and really take this teaching into my cells.

And I called Rich one day and I said, you know, babe, I’m so sorry that I was in your space, and that I imposed my beliefs onto you, or my way of being onto you. And I said I’m not gonna do it anymore, and I release you to your life process.  And at that moment, I really did it, like it wasn’t just lip service. I wasn’t saying, okay, well, then fine, with my arms crossed. I really, really was in unconditional love and acceptance of him. And I thought, well, if I’m God, if I’m an aspect of God, then he surely is an aspect of God. And if I’m a faith-based person, who lives her life in devotion, which I do, and I did, well, then I can be devoted to whoever created him and exactly how he is in this moment, and just let it go, and just release it.

Claudia:                      That’s amazing.

Julie:                           So I did, and it was at that point in the journey, Claudia, that he started to change. [Laughter].

Claudia:                      Amazing. Because I think, for example, I participated many times in Al-Anon for family of alcoholic members, and that’s the one thing that you’re trying to do, like not to interfere with the alcoholic, or – I’m not saying Rich is an alcoholic, he’s not…

Julie:                           Actually, he is.

Claudia:                      Or he was, I think – yes. But it’s interesting that you got it through the spiritual – this message that took me so long to get through going to meetings. But the moment you got so clear because of your spiritual path, he begun to change. And he almost – that’s when life begins to feel magical within the yoga path, I find, when you get a spiritual download, and it hits you so hard that you immediately change, and then it has its repercussions around you, which are amazing.

Julie:                           Well, it really makes – I really feel like a Divine Mother, you know, can paint a much more beautiful Modula than we could ever imagine for ourselves. And that’s exactly what happened in Rich and my case. We had many dreams together and many visions, and we’ve been creative partners in different ways, but we never ever imagined that we would be standing where we are today, you know, sort of being advocates of plant-based nutrition and health and wellness, and Rich with his world-renown podcast, you know.

Like you guys know too, I mean this podcast and James’s podcast, I mean it’s such a powerful medium, and the response that you get from the listeners is just so amazing. But it was interesting because when Rich – Rich finally called me and he said, “Okay, babe, I’d like to a cleanse. I’d like to do a cleanse.”

Claudia:                      Was this like a week?

Julie:                           No, it was like maybe a couple of months, a month and a half or something. I think when I first told him I was sorry; he probably had one eyebrow raised and was like waiting for an ambush to like jump on him or something. But then later, he said, wow, I really feel different, like I can really feel that there’s a difference. And he said that for the first time, he realized that he was accountable unto himself, that I was no longer in the room so he could no longer blame me or project me or push against me because I was simply not there.

                                    But I was there in love. I was not there, but I was there completely in love. So I had this bizarre kind of energy come over me, and he said, you know, get me the cleanse, and I want to do it. And the old me would have run out and bought the herbs, and I would have had them totally partitioned out. I would have spoon-fed him. But for some reason, my body didn’t move. And when I say my body didn’t move, that’s exactly what I mean.

Literally he asked me, I said, yes, I agreed, and the though left my being, and I didn’t even think about it until the next time he asked me a week later, “Where are the herbs?” Then I said, oh yeah, I’m gonna get it for you. This went on for about a month and a half, and finally like the sixth time he asked me, he was so angry, and I was laughing at myself because I really didn’t intend to him, you know, to not get it for him. So I finally got it for him, and it was just miraculous, the transformation that happened after that.

Claudia:                      Yeah, I mean I would say, of course. I mean that was kind of like the beginning of his ultra endurance training and doing all of these incredible things. Now, I want to ask you, you grew up in – you were born in Colorado, and we grew up in Alaska, very close to nature. So there were no devices. There were no – probably not much television. You were out in the woods, and you have even said in the interviews that you’re surprised you were allowed, [laughter], to do things that you would do.

Julie:                           Well, yeah. You know, I mean raised in Alaska, and of course you know it’s dark a lot. It’s dark and freezing a lot of the year, but then in the summer, you have 24 hours of daylight for three months. And, yeah, I did some hiking expeditions as a young child of 10, 11, and 12, and I have no idea how I’m still alive or how any adult even let me go out in the wilderness for 24 hours at a time with no camping gear, you know, anything.

So it’s quite remarkable, but I really do credit that connection to nature as being the reason that I am so creatively open. I consider myself – I mean I’m definite – if I’m anything, I’m a creative channel. I definitely can just open myself and receive this energy, which allows me to create.

Claudia:                      You know, [crosstalk] because I live with James, who is connected with spirit as well, that perhaps, in a different way. He’s very rationale, a chess player, and perhaps I’ve been a big influenced by that, and I forget that I also have this intuitive side. So for example, you guys were talking about how you go – when you have to give a talk, in general, you just connect with the synergy, which in my imagination probably has something to do with that growing up in nature.

You connect with that sort of rootness of the earth, and you don’t have even have to prepare that much. You saw you connect with the downloading mechanism, which is something I want to – you don’t use that word, but it’s something I want to try – and I’m trying it in this interview. Like I prepare it, but I want to just flow with it. And it’s scary.

Julie:                           Yeah, you know, I mean for me, the way that I – Rich really likes to prepare. You know, he’s a preparation kind of guy. And I mean to do – he’s a beautiful bean. I mean it’s perfect. None is not – one isn’t better than the other, but I’m exactly the opposite. If I prepare, it in fact constricts me, and I do not – I never reach my sweet point, you know, my point where I sort of naturally and authentically can reach in and touch something that’s magical.

But I can’t do it if I planned around it, or if I created this structure – I mean it can be lose structure. I mean obviously we’re talking during this time that we allocated for each other, but it cracks me up, people who interview me for podcasts, they send me like a list of questions. I never read them or look at them because it’ll always be better if I’m just in a moment, and I can feel into your question, and the energy and how it is.

And then I can find an answer that can truly be meaningful for somebody. But if I’m preparing, all I’m doing is deciding what I’m going to say. You know what I mean?

Claudia:                      Right. Yes. Yes.

Julie:                           There is not really a huge element of listening in that. And I also find with podcast too, with me, it’s even better for me if I can’t see – if I can’t see the person, I’m better because I can feel it without – my eyes aren’t then taking my energy in another place.

Claudia:                      You’re using the force?

Julie:                           Yeah.

Claudia:                      So if you have to give a speech, say you’re invited to give a speech, you actually follow this advice as well?

Julie:                           Well, you know, it’s like I’m a singer so I’m a performer in that format, and I haven’t really given that many talks that are like, you know, keynote speech or whatever.

Claudia:                      You should though.

Julie:                           Yeah, but I would say I think it’s coming up. I’ve done a few, and, you know, they were stressful because I had to prepare because I’m in that – they’re expecting me to deliver a specific thing. And I wouldn’t say that it’s my high point. And even when were doing like the videos, for instance, like Rich had scripted this. And you should see us on set, like in-between takes. He’s like save this. Like I scripted this, like save this. And then he’s like, “You never say it like that. Stop telling me what to say.”

Claudia:                      [Laughter].

Julie:                           You know, it’s just really different orientation. And so for me, they just let the camera roll, then I find my moment, and I find places, and then like the wisdom just rolls out of me. It’s authentic. It’s just organic. But if you asked me to think about it, I’m gonna be – I’m not gonna be as fluent and open as I am.

Claudia:                      Yeah, I like how you say that whether it be in the morning or at the end of the night, or whether there is something difficult, you just give it up to the divine. It’s so practical, and it is so simple.

Julie:                           It’s such a relief, Claudia. It’s so much easier, honestly. You know, it’s like we walk around in this illusion of our personality, our thoughts, our world we created around us, like this is us. And it’s not really us. It’s just it’s a sliver of perception, you know, of what little things we gather, you know, that we’ve created this idea.

And so when you’re really in service, and you’re really walking the planet connected to the stars, and trees, and the earth, and the animals, you realize that I’m walking here simply by the grace of God. No one knows how long their life is gonna be. You can’t plan everything out. You know, life is moving and changing, and no one knows what the soul has planned.

So everyday that I lay my head down on my pillow, I make sure I live the life that I – my life, not someone else’s life, not some else’s idea of a life. But that I live my life that I served well in compassion and love, and at the end of the day, I lay down in gratitude, and I give the entire thing over to Divine Mother, the whole thing, all the triumphs, all the moments, all the tragedies, all the humiliations. You know, the whole thing is hers. It’s only because of her that I’m here. So it’s a very beautiful way to live, I have to found, in my own experiences.

Claudia:                      Yeah, it’s a powerful way of connecting with something higher level.

Okay. So let me ask you then, moving from, say, you growing up from in Alaska, and very connected to the earth in almost irrational ways, [laughter], but you know, very rational and very believable for a child. You were like a wild thing in nature. And how you have your own four children, two boys that are teenagers, and two girls that are younger, and they’re eleven or so, I think they are?

Julie:                           Eleven and seven.

Claudia:                      How is it different – you’re home schooling them, so how do you see the change in them in the connection with nature together with all the gadgets that are around?

Julie:                           Well, I’ll tell you, my older boys had more of a conventional schooling, so they went to private school until middle school, and then they both opted to come home to home school. But they have done a program, which is called a hybrid. So they basically do their studies at home, but they never have to go to school. So they just go – they forego all the other processes that it requires when you go to school. Right. So that’s my older boys.

Now my younger girls are a completely different species. [Laughter]. And my whole home school thing, I didn’t grow up going, oh gee, I want to home school my kids. Like trust me, that was not on any list I ever wrote in my entire life. I’m an artist. I have a lot of stuff to do. I don’t live through my children. You know, I’m not this saintly mother, you know. But I will say that my daughter, Mathis, came into our life, and she just showed up with a different energy signature than I had ever seen in my life.

And now some people, when she was a baby, would have attached a label onto it like it’s a mild autism, ADHD, you know, this kind of thing. And I just refused – I just – I never stepped into that place because I know who she is spiritually, and I could feel what she needed from me, and so I homeschooled her because she demanded it of me. She changed me more than any single human being. She is like a tornado and a wild stallion all rolled into one.

Claudia:                      Oh dear. [Laughter].

Julie:                           And I had her – she was painting at a very young age, at like age three, like crazy abstract wild stuff, very good actually, very amazing sense of creative expression. And my method with her and my younger daughter Jai was to leave them alone as long as I possibly could. So when I say I home school my kids, I don’t have a room set up in my house with a chalkboard and a pointer. I don’t have an agenda for them.

I am simply their guide, and I let them express themselves in many, many different ways. And when is see something that they’re passionate about; I rush to support them in that endeavor. But I have no – so really it’s my style, Claudia, it’s more like unschooling what’s called unschooling. And, you know, in my case, it’s worked out very, very well. They both have a very strong sense of themselves. We have a very creative household. And I let them paint and draw on the walls in an entire room for their entire childhood.

Claudia:                      Wow. I think your two teenagers play music with you, and your 11-year-old has a blog, and she’s making or selling things. Is that right?

Julie:                           Yeah, she – I mean Mathis ended up, you know, I was a fashion designer before I met Rich in the earlier part of my life, I had a women’s fashion company, and I decided I would give Mathis my portfolio when she was about five, and I just left her open up and sort of destroy it, and just go into it and do whatever she wanted to with it.

And then she was very – she really wanted me to become a fashion designer, and one day sort of kind of being annoyed, she’d ask me like everyday for a month, and I finally stopped and said very strong, you know, like I will never do that again. I did it. It’s done. It’s over. Like I’m not doing that. And then, suddenly, you know, a year later, she was so interested in fashion that she was doing all over her home school study through that lens. So we had a mentor coming her with her, a fashion designer, who is a graduate of FIDM, which I am also a graduate of FIDM.

And she would work with her for nine hours a week, and Mathis was sewing, making patterns, staying up ‘till 1:00, sketching, drawing, and she just really got into it in a huge way. So she did some custom pieces for me, and I wore them. And then she got a couple of clients, and then she was invited to go to this fashion week in Las Vegas, and she was the only child fashion designer participating with all these real fashion designers. [Laughter].

Claudia:                      Wow. That’s amazing.

Julie:                           And, you know, now since then, she’s kind of really interested in hockey right now, so it’s not like – I’m not attached to it. I don’t have any idea that she’s really gonna stay with her fashion company for her whole life, but it was an amazing tool of teaching and learning for her.

Claudia:                      Well, the average person has about seven different careers in their lives. I know, I’ve had about ten, so it makes sense that a child, if left to follow her passions, may change. She’s interested in these, and then she’s interested in that. But did she have anything to do with – because you renewed your vows with Rich on your eleven-year anniversary, I believe, and the dress was made by the kids.

Julie:                           She did. She did. That was – I just want to say like to anybody out there listening, I was talking – I’m actually getting ready; I’m going to Ireland in a few weeks with all my children and my nephew, and we’re going to sing and perform at my dear friend Tara’s wedding in Ireland. And Tara has four children, and has been married 12 years, but they never had the ceremony.

So I can’t tell you, I can’t even think about singing at her wedding without completely crying. And one of the reasons is when Rich and I decided to renew our vows with our children; it was just the six of us. We didn’t invite anybody else to the ceremony. Mathis made the – designed and made the dress for me and for her sister.

Claudia:                      Wow.

Julie:                           We hand strung the garlands together so we did it Indian style. We made these incredible garlands of flowers for all of – for each of us. And Rich got a GoPro on a stick, so he was able to take some pictures. And it was the most meaningful emotional, incredible experience for all of us to share with each other, so deeply, or experience of being – not only Rich and I married, but being in a family together.

And Rich read something to me that it just – I mean I was in pieces on the floor sobbing, so touched beyond. And I can’t recommend it enough for anybody who’s been married, to get married again and include your children. It is the best thing ever.

Claudia:                      It gives me goose bumps. When I met James, we knew that he was that one, within 30 days, we did a ceremony, where we dressed up and we put candles all around, and we said things to each other. But me being a step mom, which role is also a stepfather for your first two children, I’ve been talking to him because our five-year anniversary is coming up, about doing something like it, and including the girls. Because it just touched my heart what you said there. It was so real and so honoring, the life together, and is just so beautiful. It almost makes me cry.

Julie:                           Yeah, I’m telling you, it’s just – I think it’s of course the first marriage ceremony is beautiful, you know, you’re new together, and it’s the new, and you’re fresh and you’re on that presacas. And there is something so deep about having been together for a while, where you’ve actually faced challenges and you’ve gone through them, and you’ve come out the other side. And you’ve stood for each other. You know, there’s something about that that is so powerful, I think that’s what make it so amazing.

Claudia:                      Let me ask you on different note on meditation. You and Rich wake up in the morning, and you do mediation. And then I believe during the day, you do it again, or you practice yoga. And I wonder how do you kind of like carve your time out of being in a household where there are four children?

Julie:                           Well, really, Claudia, the way that it works is my crucial practice is done in the early, early, early morning hours before anyone else is awake. So it happens between 4:30 and 6:30, that’s my sacred time to connect in. And another time, I could do it would be late at night from 10:00 to midnight or something like that. So that is really the special time. I mean at this point in my life, you know, I don’t get up with an alarm clock. I live my life in a very organic way. So I go through phases.

When my spirit has something to give me, I will naturally be awoken at 4:30 in the morning to sit. So it’s very fluid, you know, sort of different times bring different things, but I will tell you that living a life of devotion, and then the periods of my life when I am in deep meditation are the most meaningful. They have a juiciness and a quality to it that I just pray – it feels like water, like it’s key to drinking water.

Claudia:                      Yeah. So you said – and I really like how you kind of like – you are enriched in the [inaudible], he has addressed several times, and you kind of stop him cold, and you’re like, no, I’m different in this way. [Laughter]. It’s very, very real, and very funny. And you were talking about mediation, and you were talking about how when you’re actually – when you do it for a while, you finally – if there is divine grace involved, you get to that spot where you connect with what you really are.

And you were mentioning Rich, I think, was just getting started with it, so maybe you could notice some changes because the changes are obvious right away. But this connecting with that sweet sort of spot where you know who you are, is that what you mean when you say that there is some magic in it?

Julie:                           Yeah, again, I think we’re chasing some stake. It’s always problematic. I would just say that your soul is always trying to communicate, and speak with you, and communicate, or your higher purpose, or the higher you. And we have so much external distraction in our lives, you know, we have devices and we have TVs and blaring and noise, and people, and when do we ever have a moment to just sit down and listen, just stop.

So I don’t – I mean obviously in the mediation game, I’m a little teeny microscopic ant, who has barely scratched the surface compared to, for instance, a real life Himalayan monk that I meditate with, who has over 50,000 hours in the caves in the Himalayas. And yet I know in my own life, I trust my life, I trust that I’m in the highest life for me right now, like this life is my life. So I honor that, and I honor that buy living my life in a devotional manner, and by taking the time to listen.

So sometimes it comes through, you know, playing my sitar. Sometimes it’s comes through getting up and chanting. Sometimes it comes through vocal exercises, but it’s all in that solitude of the wee morning hours, and a deep desire to connect and know, and to know myself. It’s a deep desire to know myself.

Claudia:                      So if somebody listening out there wanted to know like kind of guidelines of what to do in the morning, waking up, to get started, what is something you suggest to someone listening?

Julie:                           I mean I happen to have channeled what I consider the most powerful mediation program that I have come across in my lifetime. It is a 30-minute program. It’s available on Ritual dot-com. It’s like $9.00 or $9.99 or something. But if you literally put it on your computer, and then transfer onto your iPhone or your device, and the first part of the mediation is a humming practice. So it’s an ancient Tibetan technique. It’s called Oma Monka, which is a great monka. It’s simply humming.

So instead of being, for instance, an “om”, where it’s like, “Ommmmm.” So that sound is going out, right. So this sound will sound more like this, “Mm mmmm,” like that. You’re drawing the energy up from the Manipura Chakra, which is your enabled chakra into the heart space, and you’re humming. And you hum very, very intensely for a period of time, and then the next portion of the mediation is simply sitting and listening, without moving, to a mantra to Ganesh that I channeled.

                                    It was one of the first songs that moved me. And then the third element is a ceiling technique, and it’s something that I feel is very, very vital to all of us. It is the housekeeping of your spiritual body. So we are spiritual beings, having a human experience. We are not just a physical body. So we have some responsibility around caring for our energy field, especially if you are a sensitive person. So you could be open taking on a lot of debris and residue and garbage from others that does not belong to you.

Claudia:                      Oh, that happens. Yes.

Julie:                           Right. So the third part of the meditation is a very powerful visualization that I channeled and worked with, and it’s basically places you in your own Garden of Eden, and merges you with the tree of life, and it connects you to your own soul message. And then the last part of the meditation is a second song that wrote through me called Mother of Mine.

And it’s a song that Divine Mother gave me as an answer to my yearning for her. And the whole thing takes like 33 minutes. I recommend that you do it 21 days in a row, and see what’s happened in your life.

Claudia:                      Okay. That sounds wonderful. And this we can find in the Ritual website. I’m gonna put the link to it. It sounds very interesting. I’m glad that you described it. I like the tapes. I have one that I use for relaxation. And the mediation that I’ve been trying through the yoga technique, where you do Pranayama or breathing exercises, and then try to withdrawal the senses, it works, but I actually like trying other things as well. So I want to try it and see how it goes.

Julie:                           Let me know how it goes. What happened to me is I was going through a break with a spiritual teacher, and I was in a lot of pain. And I was getting up in the middle of the night because I had so much hardness in my heart. And I started to play a harmonium to try to release some this tension, and these songs simply started writing me. I was not trying to become a musician. So the songs came to me, and they wrote me, and then I became a musician with my sons over the next seven years.

So this is what this mediation practice gave to me, which is one of the most beautiful things that I ever could have imagined in my life, and it’s still continuing because I’m still performing and playing with them even though they’re 18 and 20. And these songs, they mean the world to us. They’re extremely emotional. They’re very, very – they’re very deep. They’re very, very deep. So I had to record those to share this with other people…

Claudia:                      That’s wonderful.

Julie:                           …so they could access themselves possibly.

Claudia:                      You know, and I have a question about the – I wrote an article recently called The Guru is Dead because after seeing case after case of teachers, mostly men, I have to say, abusing their power, sexually with women, younger women, I got so fed up with the whole thing, that I was just like I’m sorry, but the age of the guru is dead, and we have to take responsibility.

And I know you do take responsibility, so I wonder how do you find these teachers that you’ve come across, and you seem to have come across a ___ astrologer, a mediation teacher, this one that disappointed you one time. How do you – because you’re very sort of choose yourself in the sense of how you choose your yoga path. So how does that happen? Does it come to you? Do you search for it? How does it work?

Julie:                           So, Claudia, first of all, thank you so much for asking this question, and for writing that article. So I have to be completely honest, which is how I always am, and that is that I have studied with many, many, different teachers, mostly male, and I to say in every case, except one, there was major sexual imbalance and abuse of power imbalances in every single one of those relationships.

Claudia:                      Wow.

Julie:                           So what you’re saying is the truth, and it needs to be spoken out, and it needs to be called on because it’s a little ridiculous, however, I would still say, I would not trade anyone of those experiences for one moment. And even within all of the imbalances, there were moments of God speaking directly to me that I would never – I could never duplicate, and I could never question.

So I guess what I would say in my experience after have been sort of – they say about me, you know, she’s left no stone unturned. So I’ve hosted many, many different spiritual teachers, traditions, mostly Indian, but also one in the occult realms, also some Native American chiefs, also some Mayan chiefs. So I’ve done some mystery school, Egyptian, so I’ve done quite a few things.

But my perspective is that we are all living here on this planet earth, which is a polarized planet. It has light and dark. And no matter what consciousness you are dealing with, they are going to have some human characteristics, like some human elements, you know. And I’m not God, so I can’t really even judge these from where I’m sitting. I can’t say a thousand percent that this one was wrong because he did x, y, z.

All I can say is that I see an imbalance, and that I try to take the blessing and not throw the baby out with the bathwater. That being said, I am not an advocate of any behavior that is preyed on people sexually or with power, or any of those things. I’m glad we had an amazing alliance with a woman, who is a Galactic emissary, meaning that she is working with an expanded consciousness off planet, who I worked with for eight years.

And she has been beyond pure and clear and responsible and magnificent throughout the entire eight years. She never was imbalanced. She never abused her power. She never stepped over the line in any way for money or – you know, there’s different ways. It’s usually money, sex, or power. Those are the three lines.

But I will say also that currently I have met in the last couple years, a realized Himalayan monk, who is a renuncia, who comes from a very special order of Vedic knowledge and lineage, and he is very pure and not running any of those programs. So I guess I’ve arrived at a point in my life, where I’ve gone through a lot of the lessons. I also would caution everyone, and remind everyone that in my opinion, the guru meets you where you’re at.

Claudia:                      Right.

Julie:                           So if you come to a guru with a bunch of imbalances, and a bunch of issues, they can only meet you in a certain vibration because it’s really about you and you. It’s not about you and them.

Claudia:                      Right.

Julie:                           So I had one experience with one master that gave me my Sri Mati, which is the name that I record music under. It’s my spiritual name – very, very dear to me, very dear experience to me. And I would tell him, you know, about well, you know, I had this dream last night, and this happened, and you were there, and I had this experience, and he would listen. He would say, great, now drop me, every time. He’d say, great, now drop me completely. And it’s because he knew that that was my issue. I would try to personalize and attach too much to this teacher.

Claudia:                      I see.

Julie:                           And so one time I was in line for Darshan – you know, Darshan is where you stand in line at the – the being, who is channeling is very magnificent energy, actually transmits through the third eye, through touching your third eye, or touching your head, this divine energy, and it’s a very beautiful exchange. And I was just standing in line and I was just me. I was just there. I was simply there.

And when I arrived in front of him, he grabbed me and rocked me in his arms laughing and laughing and laughing. And everyone was staring in shock, you know, around for the guru to actually physically hold me like a child. And afterward, I realized that it was the only time I had presented myself to him that I didn’t have any bullshit between me and him.

Julie:                           You know, I wasn’t thinking what is he thinking? Does he remember me? Is he gonna think my question is stupid? You know, I was just there in my essence, and then he took that moment and he grabbed me. It was like, ah, I can finally talk to you, you know, get you. So I would say that the guru meets you where you’re at. I happen to be a lover of the Vedic lineage. I also happen to know that my life is about full freedom and sovereignty for myself. So I love the lineage, but I am not of the lineage.

Claudia:                      That’s very interesting. That’s very interesting. I mean if what I’m understanding right here is there are some people who, yes, are real, it’s just they’re probably harder to find. And whenever you find a difficult situation, it may very well be that the teaching can help you, but the man may not be yet prepared to handle that kind of energy. So separate the teacher from the teachings, if the teachings are helping you.

Julie:                           Yeah. And I would also say that you get what you come with, you know. So it’s really – you know, I have this great experience. Rich and I went through a complete financial collapse like during our whole transition. You know, we fought for our house for five years with the bank. You know, we went through a complete, we call it a dismantling, you know, where we were just ripped apart, you know, piece-by-piece.

And during this part, I had to do housework, you know. I’m a creative person. I’m always doing stuff. I really suck at housework, Claudia. It’s really – it’s traumatizing for me. Like I’m like, oh my, I’ve gotta clean the table. How do I do this? Like, I get paralyzed. So at this point, we were at peril of losing our house, and of course I had no money, you know, to have anybody come into clean my house, and I had six-seven family members living here.

So I got down on my hands and my knees, and I went, “Well, it’s a spiritual practice.” So I got up in the morning, really, really wanting to clean this house, you know, really as a practice. And I used to imagine as I was touching the walls and touching the floors that I was putting my energy into her, and that I would resolve with the bank, and not lose my house. So I came this cleaning as a spiritual practice, and I swear to you, God started showing up in the cleaning, in the housework.

Claudia:                      Wow.

Julie:                           The milk would spill in the shape of a Buddha. The stain would be in the shape of a guitar. Another stain would be like an angel. I was laughing, literally laughing.

Julie:                           So my point is don’t disregard what spiritual teachers have to share with you. Just understand that it’s your trip. It’s not their trip. They’re not gonna hit you on the head with a wand and make you realized.

Claudia:                      Yeah, I believe that wholeheartedly. Yes. I have stories like that sometimes fear sharing because I know that some people think they’re woo-woo, but it’s real. That’s when you use devotion and treat everything as the scared, and then you vibrate in a different frequency, and things start to happen differently, it’s just amazing.

Julie:                           Yeah, it really is amazing. And the thing is really, you know, it’s really becoming so silly for me also, this kind of woo-wooing or pooh-poohing like this whole thing. I mean we’re spiritual beings that came down into this planet for an experience. And, you know, I get letters from people all the time, and Rich does, people that have stage four cancer, or they’re losing their lives, you know, it’s like what are we waiting for?

Like what are you waiting for? Another TV show? Another dinner? Another purse? Another pair of shoes? It’s like this is it. This is what makes life meaningful. And I really believe – I mean I don’t believe because I don’t like beliefs because they’re like prisons, right, but I feel in my own life that this is school. It’s an opportunity. Life is sacred. This moment is sacred that we’re sitting together through this device connecting. It’s all-sacred to me. And I come to it with that because life means that much to me, you know.

Claudia:                      Let me ask you on this note, Julie, you healed yourself of a lump in your throat, which doctors wanted to – as doctors do, operate on, and you did this through Ayurveda. And you tell me that, which is amazing in itself. It’s a miracle. You tell me people write to you. I happen to have battles with depression, and you know, people have cancer, people are sick, people out there are maybe experiencing some disease. What is the tip of the thread, say if we wanna – where we start in this healing journey? I think reading your book and starting eating healthy raises a vibration, but from the healer perspective in you?

Julie:                           Well, I would say from this point is of course food is, which you are putting in your mouth and on your plate is a vital, vital – it is a foundational element to your health. There is no question about that. So I would immediately cut out all refined sugars, all wheat, whether you’re gluten sensitive or not, all animal products, except for maybe some medicated ghee if you were into Ayurveda or yogi lineage.

Claudia:                      I love ghee. [Laughter].

Julie:                           But there’s another part to it. There really is another part to it, and it’s this part of the meditation that I talked about sealing your field, and understanding that you are an energetic being. You are not just a physical body. So a lot of us are very, very sensitive, and we haven’t been taking care of our energetic field, and it’s just like brushing your teeth. It’s like you wouldn’t just invite a bunch of garbage into your mouth, you know.

Claudia:                      Right.

Julie:                           So why are you gonna walk around with your field open just allowing anything to come to it, and especially if you have some light in you, you’re gonna attract some things that are interested in life that might not be in your best interest. So I think starting to understand that you are a spiritual being have a human experience is really, really key.

The second thing is to understand that we have a very interesting moment and opportunity on the planet right now, and that is that this is the first time in 27,000 years that this has been happening, that these levels of life are streaming into the planetary field. And if you don’t believe me, you can go on NASA’s site and start reading some of the planets that are discovering rain, and all kinds of, you know, scientific things that are showing up in very odd ways or interesting ways. But, you know, start to understand that thoughts and emotions are things. Start to trust your body. How does your body feel? Stop making decisions with your mind, and start making decisions with your feeling mechanism.

Claudia:                      That is so key. Yeah. I agree with you because sometimes even when I ask James, I ask him, “How do you feel,” and he’ll tell me something, and I’ll say, “James, you’re answering with the mind. Tell me, how do you feel?” And it seems to come easier for me, for example.

Julie:                           Yeah, it’s – and I mean right now, it’s that feeling tone that is going to guide you. It’s that feeling tone that’s going to make you safe. It’s that feeling tone that’s going to give you the messages of what your body really needs. So the mind is going to try to rationalize, and we’ve been dealing in a certain playing field here on the planet, which is linear, you know, and if you go in home schooling, it’s industrialized home schooling.

Well, there is all these quantum things available to us, this magic that can be grasped in the moment. And everyone really does have the power to heal themselves. Now, whether that means you’re going to stay in the bodysuit that you came in on is up to your own life plan. But there is more depth, and life goes on when we drop these bodysuits, it goes on beyond. And the healing continues. So to start to really grasp that idea, you know, it’s a waste of energy to still be doing these childish antics of nay saying that there’s a god, or –. If you have any question that there’s a god, why don’t you just study the human body for one.

Claudia:                      Yeah, it’s incredible.

Julie:                           Incredible. So I mean for me, I’m getting less patient, maybe it’s because I’m getting older, you know, and I know that the time is now. The one thing with The Plantpower Way, you know, the book is really – it s a lifestyle guide, and of course the recipes, there is 120 recipes of amazing…

Claudia:                      [Crosstalk]. Yeah, I mean they’re just like super, super soul food; pancakes. There is hash brown tower, and they taste delicious. And there is also fermented probiotic kraut, cashew vanilla cream. There are so many things. I’m trying them one-by-one, and they are amazing. I recommend everyone go get The Plantpower Way because it really is the most amazing – and the photographs of the lifestyle going around, you can feel the vibration sort of growing. And I am actually taking it as a little bit of the tip of the thread on how to start healing is this sort of community and food together, and healthy food.

Julie:                           Yes, thank you so much Claudia. And you know we have included all these lifestyle sections, so it’s very, very comprehensive. It’s like a lifestyle guide. And this guide was designed for everyone. It’s an evolution/revolution, this process, into this lifestyle. It is not a diet; it is a way of living and being. And, ultimately, Rich and I designed it as a way to enable people to access the best authentic versions of themselves because I believe in creation, and I believe in the beauty of nature and harmony.

And if I believe in that, then I believe that every one of us was created in perfection for a specific individual purpose. And so I, selfishly, and for the planet, I know that we need you to be more of who are because you are a divine being of God.

Claudia:                      Right. Right.

Julie:                           And so this is how we created this book. We opened our home up; we photographed our family, and we hope that the reader feels like we have invited you into our home, saved you a place at our family table, and that you really get a sense of who we are.

Claudia:                      That’s wonderful.

Julie:                           So that, if I had like an ultimate wish for the book, you know, it would be that. And more than that is one of the greatest blessings in life, all the spiritual traditions know, is to be able to serve food. And so it is my great blessing to be able to share my food and recipes with people all over the world.

Claudia:                      I love it. Julie I want to ask you one last question, and I know you’re pretty up-to-date with your – but what is one thing that you would say took you a long time to understand, or something that sort of dawned on you recently, like a big aha moment.

Julie:                           Uh…well, I think making the – one of the latest aha moments – well, the thing that took me the longest to get was that story that I told you about when I was telling Rich my way was the better way, and he wasn’t moving. So it was releasing people to their own process, and just really releasing them to God, and letting them be in their own time, and getting out of the way.

So that was probably the thing that took the longest for me to get. But I would say, spiritually, the most recent thing that I’m feeling is I’m feeling an embodiment of light, of moving light within my physical body and around me, that I have never felt in this way before. So I think that we are able to access greater and greater levels of light quotient, and simply recognizing that we are light beings.

And possibly imagining a golden pink – a golden light mixed with a pink light, mixed with a blue light, all moving throughout your body. When you imagine color, don’t imagine it like static. It’s actually alive. So start to imagine these kinds of frequencies inside your body, and see how your experience becomes.

Claudia:                      That’s wonderful. I’m so grateful you joined me today. I’m gonna be trying the meditation the Ritual website. I’ll put all the links to the book. I hope people get the book. And Julie, thank you so much for joining me today. I hope – I know I’ll meet you soon, so I can’t wait.

Julie:                           Thank you, Claudia. Yeah, me too. All the best. Namaste. Thank you.

Claudia:                      Namaste.



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