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What is up with “ladies holidays”?

Everyone seems to have a theory on “ladies holidays”. Many of them even dictate what should or should not be done. Most of the people I have heard avise from happen to be men, which is curious, since as far as I know they do not menstruate. So this time around I decided to let […]

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Tight days

Sometimes I feel really tight, maybe because I did not want to face the day, I don’t know, work is busy today, that may be why, thing is I felt it in my practice. I was going through it and my mind was playing tricks on me, asking me to skip poses, and I just […]

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So here we are, in blogspot now and quite happily so. Today was a “funny” day in class. I heard that one of our teachers had suggested that to understand the concept of mula bhanda , you could try visualizing a potato up your “@@@”, yes, he said that. I found it funny but a […]

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