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Yoga: The Most Important Question Is

Why is the woman birthing, the poet writing, the dancer dancing, the painter painting, the worker working. THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IS What is it that moves the pen? animates the body, keeps the galaxies floating, makes me a cup of tea, glares onto the stars, gets lost in thought and snaps out of it, […]

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Yoga: How Do You Slow Down?

A huge ray of light hit the building at 3:00 AM and the tropical storm woke me up.  No sense in going back to bed. I am writing now with my father’s Parker. A beauty. But a slow beauty.   The thing moves alongside the page very slowly, ink flowing down into the paper, word […]

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Yoga: I’m Here

We talk about planes, my brother, Mariano,  and me. Yesterday in Benavidez I found my father’s captain bag, the one where he kept flying charts, notes, manuals with notes.  It smells like the 70’s and feels delicate. It is black and rectangular in shape. It has stickers on the outside, one for Austral Airlines,  one […]

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