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Yoga: Yes You Can Be Enligthened

If you are reading this then you are ready to learn secrets of yoga that have been kept for thousands of years, not so much because they were locked away, but because getting to the core of them was too hard. Too many books to read, too many different schools and practices.

I am creating a new bookclub (chapter by chapter exploration) of the book Samadhi.  See the bottom of this article for the book club I did on his pranayama book.

I wish I was

It is possible to attain the highest freedom

It is possible to attain the highest freedom, click on the book to read with me

free from thoughts, and that nothing woul bother me, I wish I was what people say is enlightened, a state of flow, or Samadhi, but life has a way to give us experiences so that we learn what we need to learn when we are ready.… Read the rest

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3 Things I love About “The Rich Employee” by James

FIRST thing I love about the book is the “dedication” page because it can read as fiction or non-fiction…

Dedication The Rich Employee

It could be the beginning of a science fiction novel (“In a world…”), OR, it could be the beginning of what the book is all about: A helpful tool on how to get the mind-set to be both an employee and make money at it.  


“We all need money, thank you very much, and not all of us are cut out to be entrepreneurs.”

I am stepping my own toes into the “entrepreneurship world”.

And let me tell you, being all grown-up, you know?… Read the rest

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10 Reasons JetBlue Is My Favorite Airline

jetblue-mint-logoI am sitting on a wide comfy leather chair that will take me from JFK to Los Angeles, a crew member offers me iced-water with a bit of honey and a mint leaf…

Would you like vodka with it? She asks.

No thanks. I say

Later I chew on my mint and blow kisses across the corridor to James, we have our own separate seats in an airplane for the first time in our marriage, and thanks to booking very early. Please don’t hate me… You will see why in a few lines.

We are on JetBlue Mint, and we have a private cabin, not just a seat.… Read the rest

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Don’t Say Yes When You Want To Say NO

“YES, AND” Is the way out…  It is how you can say NO! When you mean it.saying-no

I attach the latest episode#262 of Ask Altucher where we talk about it in detail [bottom of post]

Because it is THAT important…

Heck! James and I even wrote a book called “The Power Of No” – Mostly because we, also, struggle with it…

And it is critical:


So: Saying “yes, and” can save the day…

For example:

If you like the the idea of doing something someone is asking, but have no time, you could say:

YES, I want the best for your project, I believe in it and I want it to excel AND, thing is I would only contribute if I can give it 150% of my energy and time which at the moment I don’t have….

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How To Get Any Job You Want: Guaranteed

When someone says “guaranteed” I get a neg-gut reaction, you probably do too,  so let me say it right off the start: this woman is doing it. She is getting the job she wants. TODAY.

She may or may not get the “company” she wants, true, but she is talking to the CEO of Airbnb TODAY, right here in San Francisco, where I am blessed to be.

How many resume senders get that opportunity?


There is a way out of the Alcatraz of the Mind

So it works…  And you can listen to James and I deconstruct exactly what she did right here.Read the rest

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