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A Room of One’s Own

As I browsed through the large print section of the West Orange Public Library last Sunday, looking for a book about change, A Room of One’s Own by Virgina Wolf suddenly stood out in all its magnitude.

The book was also in large print and free, so what was there to resist?. I had read the book in college but, well, not really, back then I was just trying to graduate and get the heck out of there. This time, I told myself, perhaps I could appreciate the message.

I was stunned to read it, the beauty with which she composes her sentences, the way she carries the reader through her elegant stream of thoughts, her descriptions, and oh, yes, the message.

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Nice Girl No More

I am reading “The Nice Girl Syndrome”, got it from the library yesterday after browsing through its pages at Barnes and Nobles during lunch.

They classify me (or so I gathered), as the “enlightened” type. The one that confuses compassion with stupidity. And I thought I was so clever and that one of my strenghts was exactly that.

I wonder how would life be if I was to be more discriminative when it comes to how I define compassion, who do I give a second chance to and why, and where is it really appropiate to give the other cheek.

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