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Don’t Say Yes When You Want To Say NO

“YES, AND” Is the way out…  It is how you can say NO! When you mean it.saying-no

I attach the latest episode#262 of Ask Altucher where we talk about it in detail [bottom of post]

Because it is THAT important…

Heck! James and I even wrote a book called “The Power Of No” – Mostly because we, also, struggle with it…

And it is critical:


So: Saying “yes, and” can save the day…

For example:

If you like the the idea of doing something someone is asking, but have no time, you could say:

YES, I want the best for your project, I believe in it and I want it to excel AND, thing is I would only contribute if I can give it 150% of my energy and time which at the moment I don’t have….

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“The Power Of No” Is $1.99 (80% Discount) For This Week

Publishers don’t usually do this, so I am grateful to Hay House for offering the book for less than a [Starbucks] cup of coffee…  And of course, I wanted to spread the word.

I hope you get it because this is a once-in-a-life-time offer as I have no control over the price.

I don’t much like writing short posts like this that only talk about a price reduction, but the reality is this is quite a steep discount, so I wanted you to know.

Okay, the link on the photo won’t work because blogger is not letting me add a link to the photo… But, you can click here to get it.

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