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Laruga Wakes Up at 2:45 AM For Yoga!

Laruga Glaser couldn’t help but being a yoga teacher… Life kept drawing her into it, even when she was kicked out of a yoga teacher training, it was not because of bad behavior but because… well, I’ll let you hear it from her:

If you don’t see the big photo with the play button click here to start listening to The Yoga Podcast episode #12 with this extraordinary practitioner and teacher.

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What is Special About Laruga

Even though she experienced hardships growing up, meaning abuse, which I can relate to, she learned through yoga to transcend and heal.… Read the rest

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How to Be The Best Sales Man/Woman in the World TODAY

A man was begging on the subway between 42nd and 14th street yesterday.   “Oh nooo!” – That’s what I was thinking so I put on my noise-cancellation headsets to try and be invisible. 
I was above the crowd of vulnerable New Yorkers with simple headsets.
But this guy was no homeless; he was THE WOLF OF 42ND STREET.
“I am not here to sell you candy, or tell you about my hardships, or ask for money” he said.
I somehow heard THAT over my noise cancelation. 
– I am here because I wrote a book, he said
He pulled a copy and showed it to us.
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Avoid Wrinkles

The dryer machine keeps beeping. What is wrong with it? How does my neighbor do laundry so differently?  Yesterday I finally took a deep look at the it. Machine and human, face to face. Turns out it has a special setting to “avoid wrinkles” and I had not even noticed.

Told James of course.  He warned me I had 24 hours to write the post about it or else, of course, He would write it.  Let him dream.

I am forty-four years old, which means I have a few, tiny -I’d like to think- wrinkles.  Some alongside my eyes, which grow deeper when I have a big belly laugh and don’t care at all, and some in other parts I rather not think about.

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7 One-Liners That Changed My Life On the Spot

One line can change the world: Because when someone hears something that resonates deeply, it produces internal change, and then her life is changed.  That is real alchemy. When she changes then the people around her also change. Then the people around the people that change also change. Here are my: Aha! moments from one-liners:

When Marianne Williamson said:

“To attract the coolest man in the world, become the coolest woman in the world”


“Cinderella was having a ball when she met the prince”

My whole view of relationships changed. I started taking dance lessons. I started having fun.

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I Want to Be a Killer

Look at this guy, he is Conrad Hilton Sr.  He is a killer. Can you see it in his eyes?

He started from nothing and built a chain of hotels “Hilton”, but all along he wanted one thing and only one thing: to OWN the Waldorf Astoria, the most prestigious hotel in NYC where all the presidents stay.

During the depression, in the 30s he went broke, but he:
Faced with challenges that might have seemed insurmountable, he did what he had done since he was a boy—resolved to work hard and have faith in God. ” That comes from here

Finally, in the early 40’s he bought the Waldorf.

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