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10 Reasons JetBlue Is My Favorite Airline

jetblue-mint-logoI am sitting on a wide comfy leather chair that will take me from JFK to Los Angeles, a crew member offers me iced-water with a bit of honey and a mint leaf…

Would you like vodka with it? She asks.

No thanks. I say

Later I chew on my mint and blow kisses across the corridor to James, we have our own separate seats in an airplane for the first time in our marriage, and thanks to booking very early. Please don’t hate me… You will see why in a few lines.

We are on JetBlue Mint, and we have a private cabin, not just a seat.… Read the rest

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I’ve been called the “best investor in the world”, in Twitter, by James Altucher. That qualifies me. Big time. 

But, let me caution you before I give you advise on how to make money:

A) you should not follow my advice, and

B) If you are a man, you should probably stop reading right now, because my approach is very feminine and not of the usual type. If you are a man you should analyze charts, dissect, read SEC papers, etc.

My ideas on the other hand, are, well, the genius kind that is ridiculed at first, then laughed about, then criticized, and finally accepted as obvious.
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The Apocalypse of Back Bending: Husband publishes his 5th book

My husband has just released his 5th book, the Wall Street Journal: Guide to Investing in the Apocalypse and I began to think about how the premise can pretty much be applied to yoga too.

In the book he talks about how the media is always scaring us: Oh! there is pandemics!, then there is no more water, then global warming, and then nuclear terrorism. If we give in to the collective first chakra tendency to fight or fly we can get to be very off center, so instead he uses the “perceived apocalypse” created through panic as an opportunity, and gives three pointers:

  1. Remove the fear
  2. Front door approach
  3. Back door approach.
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