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I’m in Kairo Time

I’m at the edge of my seat, the international sign of expectation, what will happen now? – Forgive the jet lag I’m in new territory.

A Green Lung for Cairo, photo and story

I surrender to Life and walk into situations with space, eyes wide open, no labels, no fear, no more of what I think. Like a detective, I take it all in.

I trust fiercely, like any two-year-old does.

I steer clear of chronological time.

Chronos, as per the ancient Greeks, is sequential time: AM/PM.

Kairo is a feel, it’s the right time and place, the opportune moment, the spirit of attention, the synchronicity of what happens when I let go of trying to control everything.

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Yoga: 9 Changes that Completely Transformed Me

It’s not improving but unfolding that makes us grow.  We are fine the way we are, and it makes me uncomfortable when someone tries to tell me something that will “make” me better.  Our own process is precious, unique, special, and nobody knows what the next best step is, not even us.

Image by Alex Grey

Still there is no denying that the world we live in tends to attack our natural process of unfolding, large billboards show us what one in a million women look like (a model) and we think maybe we are not right, or the level of noise from the person sitting next to us on the train and talking non-stop drives us crazy, or worse, we try our best to do our job at work with a screen that is constantly shinning blue light into our eyes diminishing the mitochondria power in our vision and making us weak.… Read the rest

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Yoga: Four Ways To Unveil The Truth

We are all one, we just have different accents.

Unveil the Truth

Unveil the Truth

But I realize understanding we are all one is not easy.  We are pre-programmed to think I am am me and you are you.

No such thing I’m afraid, not when we are able to unveil the truth

Have I? NO, no way, my veil seems tight and needs some grease and grace to open up.  I am as blind as I am willing to open the divine veil so I can see clear now.

The rain is gone.

Here are ten ways to unveil the truth:

1. – Awake to the Certainty that We Are All ONE

You are the one, and so am I.… Read the rest

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Yoga And Weight Loss Infographic

Click the graph to enlarge and print so you remember the tips to release weight.

11Steps YogaWeightLossThis goes together with a post I wrote a few weeks ago with 11 tips to help when it comes to finding our optimal weight.

This except comes from the first point:

Think about this:

If you tell yourself that you want to “loose” weight…

What happens in general… In life… when you “loose something“?

You have to… FIND IT!!!


What would be the point of loosing something that we are pre-programmed to “find” again?


Instead think of it this way:  I AM READY TO “RELEASE” WEIGHT


See the difference?… Read the rest

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Yoga: 7 Poses To Relieve Back Pain Video

Testimonial About This Short Practice: I wanted to express my gratitude. I woke up today with no back pain after doing your back routine for the first time yesterday. Erin Peterson (Twitter)

The Benefits of doing this short sequence (it’s less than 10′) regularly is that you will feel your back come alive, and your posture will improve. [if you can’t see the video click here]

As you practice it, you will have a powerful and elegant stance every time you enter a room.You will even breathe easier and have a more centered attitude no matter what happens.… Read the rest

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