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Yoga: Four Ways To Unveil The Truth

We are all one, we just have different accents.

Unveil the Truth

Unveil the Truth

But I realize understanding we are all one is not easy.  We are pre-programmed to think I am am me and you are you.

No such thing I’m afraid, not when we are able to unveil the truth

Have I? NO, no way, my veil seems tight and needs some grease and grace to open up.  I am as blind as I am willing to open the divine veil so I can see clear now.

The rain is gone.

Here are ten ways to unveil the truth:

1. – Awake to the Certainty that We Are All ONE

You are the one, and so am I.… Read the rest

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32 Unusual Ways to Deal with Depression

Wayne Dyer told me to “get up and go help someone”. I was calling his radio show seeking advise to deal with low moods in the early days of 2004, I was depressed.  He was right. Walking away from my desk to see if someone needed help got me out of my own head (the trouble-maker) and resulted in a little love for me since I did do something useful that day.
Giving a hand is such a good suggestion when it comes to depression that it makes it to number 1, then there is the other 31 unusual ways:

#1 – Follow Wayne Dyers’ advise and get up and try to help someone else, I know it is hard, but it will result in getting you out of your head, it did to me at that time.

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Seven ways to heal from depression

In 2004 I found myself down there, blue, hopeless, exhausted, disoriented.  I was so desperate I almost entertained “those” kinds of thoughts, so much so that I went as far as to contact Wayne Dyer at Hayhouseradio hoping to talk to him on the air, live, and to my surprise I got in.  Number one is what he said to me:

1. Get out of your mind and go help someone.   Today there are people who need your help, down the hallway for example, someone in your office may need a sounding board to talk to, or a charity might put some money to good use, or your local volunteering organization may need someone to help feed the elderly on a Saturday morning.… Read the rest

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