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Ultimate Guide To Healing Back Pain

stop back painEver saw an old lady or man walking down the street all hunched down? 

Do you think that just “happens” because of “old age” ?


That happens because of habits kept over a long period of time.If you hunch every day for 80 years you get that, if you pay attention to the body you don’t. 

It is that simple.When you look at our evolution you will notice that we are a PEAK POINT IN HISTORY when it comes to SITTING DOWN AND STARING AT A SCREEN.We are constantly sitting, and not exactly keeping good posture.
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10 Yoga Hacks For a Great 2015

There are 30 garbage bags in my kitchen filled with “stuff” to either recycle or donate. 

The living-room is empty, just like when we moved in.  

Letting go of all that I no loner need is opening new space in my mind… 

That is one of the hacks… Seemingly not yoga but totally yoga.

1.- Hacking The Practice
“I don’t feel like practicing today! “ — You know the drill.  We’ve all been there. It happens. 
Last month I offered a video suggestion on what to do on this, and it was just one thing

To keep the ritual, to roll the mat out, stand at the edge, and then do nothing.
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10 Unusual Places I Found Silence on a Frantic Day

I like to write in secret. Always have. I cozy up to the page and tell her everything.  But what I like most about the intimate act of writing is the silence.
James asks what am I writing.
Nothing, I say. 
Not satisfied, he wants an example, a line, a tip of a thread that might lead him to know exactly what my pen is deploying through the ink.  Makes me mad.
Just journaling, I say. 
It works.
Silence is a luxury, a precious commodity, and impossibility. It is that thing we never get, at least not the kind I like.
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Yoga And Breathing To Relieve Back Pain – Event in NYC Tue Dec/2

This is an opportunity to learn a few tips that can alleviate and sometimes even eliminate completely any back and neck pain from your life.

I am offering a special 2-hour workshop in NYC (in the mid-town area) on Tuesday, December 2nd from 5:00 to 7:00PM.

I hope you are around and can join me.  The session is great for preventing and avoiding all future back/neck pain.

The location of the event will be emailed to you after you sign up, within a week before the event, but it will be in the mid-town area of Manhattan. You can register here.
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To The Voices That Say I’m Not Good, I Say…

To the voices that say: “It’s crazy to call yourself a success”,
I say,
   “There seems to be a crazy here, but it’s not me”

To the voices that say “you are not worth it”,
I say,
   “I disagree, but I know how you feel”

To the voices that say: “you are fat”
I say,
   “I have substance, and I know how to use it.”

To the voices that say: “You have an accent”
I say
   “Yes, and it is elegant”

To the voices that say: “You are just fishing for compliments”
I say
   “I can see how you would see it that way”

To the voices that say: “I wish you would die”
I say,
   “Oh dear!

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