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Yoga: 9 Changes that Completely Transformed Me

It’s not improving but unfolding that makes us grow.  We are fine the way we are, and it makes me uncomfortable when someone tries to tell me something that will “make” me better.  Our own process is precious, unique, special, and nobody knows what the next best step is, not even us.

Image by Alex Grey

Still there is no denying that the world we live in tends to attack our natural process of unfolding, large billboards show us what one in a million women look like (a model) and we think maybe we are not right, or the level of noise from the person sitting next to us on the train and talking non-stop drives us crazy, or worse, we try our best to do our job at work with a screen that is constantly shinning blue light into our eyes diminishing the mitochondria power in our vision and making us weak.… Read the rest

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Yoga: How Do I Find Direction In Life?

Someone in Quora asked me: How Do I Find Direction In Life? I said: “This is probably not what you want to hear”, then:

Direction in life comes from a combination of:

  1. Intuition, and experience
  2. Paying attention to what is happening in your near surroundings
  3. Having supportive friends (not friends that bring you down)
  4. Taking time for YOU to reflect
  5. Writing morning pages if you feel inclined
  6. Keeping physically healthy
  7. Noticing all the things you already have (Gratitude!)
  8. And writing ten ideas a day… Or doing some practice to keep your MENTAL muscle, SHARP

I just watched “Straight Out Of Compton” GREAT MOVIE!… Read the rest

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8 Suggestions for AirBnb Renters And Owners

I have been to 4 Airbnb houses in the past year. FOUR. I’ve looked at hundreds of them and actually spent time in those four.  This makes me of course, the expert.  I mean, unless there is anyone out there who has been to four in the past year?
A gypsy wagon for a bedroom anyone?

James and I rented these homes instead of going to hotels mainly for three reasons:

1- it is cheaper than a hotel. In some cases MUCH cheaper.
2- I can cook home meals (which we both love) and
3- There is plenty of room for yoga albeit not much in the way of yoga mats per say.

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How My and Your Life Can Be Made Sooo Much Betta!

I’m in a fog, my brain isn’t working, I could not practice this morning and even moving my eyes from one spot to another makes my head hurt, maybe is some sort of virus, I don’t know, what I do know is that this is as good a time as any other, in fact might be the perfect opportunity to share my ideas about all these companies I love, and of which I would like to be in the board of directors.
Why would I like to be on the board of directors?  Three reasons:
a) I love them all
b) I have ideas, big ideas, and they need to hear them because they would make my and every one’s lives better, and
c) I use their services all the time, non stop, in fact there is not a single day that goes by without me checking them up.
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