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I Miss You

It probably felt lonely as I left it cold in the overhead compartment while I walked into the summer of BA -after five years together.

I lost ‘that’ coat.


Packing back last night I noticed it was gone and I cried.  

I’m far from home, visiting family for a few days, packing and unpacking, loosing things, mourning uncles, seeing old friends… It is emotional chaos. 

And now the coat is gone, and like any human being would, I broke down crying, putty face, hugging the blue airbnb pillow, salty tears flowing down and into my mouth.

I break down into little pieces for no clear reason to the outsider and simply because the wounds that make us irrational go deep and are invisible to the untrained eye. 

Yes I know, things are transient, but I’m far from accepting every moment as it is, far from dropping down the ‘story’ around the coat.… Read the rest

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Yoga: Where Have I Been?

Hi, glad to be back here, and in touch with you guys.  First things first, I have moved to Los Angeles California.

Life threw a really bad ball curve my way, and I’ve been in a cave healing a broken heart.

I decided to move to Los Angeles to put some distance and recover, so that is where I am right now.

I don’t yet have a home or work, which is pretty scary, but I am trusting that the universe delivers us into the situations we need to embody to learn and grow spiritually.

I am also very grateful to have friends that are helping me get started in a whole new town.… Read the rest

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Yoga: Four Ways To Unveil The Truth

We are all one, we just have different accents.

Unveil the Truth

Unveil the Truth

But I realize understanding we are all one is not easy.  We are pre-programmed to think I am am me and you are you.

No such thing I’m afraid, not when we are able to unveil the truth

Have I? NO, no way, my veil seems tight and needs some grease and grace to open up.  I am as blind as I am willing to open the divine veil so I can see clear now.

The rain is gone.

Here are ten ways to unveil the truth:

1. – Awake to the Certainty that We Are All ONE

You are the one, and so am I.… Read the rest

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Yoga, Sort Of: Raccoon And Me


Racoon once came to my bedroom. My two cats were hissing. raccoon was in the closet.

I looked along where the cats were staring, following the thread of intensity.

“God, tell me that is a hat” I said. No, actually, I pleaded.

It was not.

Now what? Cat’s are gonna kill him, they are tigers at home.


Cats to the basement. They complaint. I get it. But they can’t be around Raccoon

He’ll feel threatened. And it is not fair, cats know the lay of the land.

Raccoon has only been sneaking in for food through the whole in the basement, and today he explored beyond the basement.

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10 Reasons JetBlue Is My Favorite Airline

jetblue-mint-logoI am sitting on a wide comfy leather chair that will take me from JFK to Los Angeles, a crew member offers me iced-water with a bit of honey and a mint leaf…

Would you like vodka with it? She asks.

No thanks. I say

Later I chew on my mint and blow kisses across the corridor to James, we have our own separate seats in an airplane for the first time in our marriage, and thanks to booking very early. Please don’t hate me… You will see why in a few lines.

We are on JetBlue Mint, and we have a private cabin, not just a seat.… Read the rest

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