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I Miss You

It probably felt lonely as I left it cold in the overhead compartment while I walked into the summer of BA -after five years together.

I lost ‘that’ coat.


Packing back last night I noticed it was gone and I cried.  

I’m far from home, visiting family for a few days, packing and unpacking, loosing things, mourning uncles, seeing old friends… It is emotional chaos. 

And now the coat is gone, and like any human being would, I broke down crying, putty face, hugging the blue airbnb pillow, salty tears flowing down and into my mouth.

I break down into little pieces for no clear reason to the outsider and simply because the wounds that make us irrational go deep and are invisible to the untrained eye. 

Yes I know, things are transient, but I’m far from accepting every moment as it is, far from dropping down the ‘story’ around the coat.… Read the rest

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10 Reasons JetBlue Is My Favorite Airline

jetblue-mint-logoI am sitting on a wide comfy leather chair that will take me from JFK to Los Angeles, a crew member offers me iced-water with a bit of honey and a mint leaf…

Would you like vodka with it? She asks.

No thanks. I say

Later I chew on my mint and blow kisses across the corridor to James, we have our own separate seats in an airplane for the first time in our marriage, and thanks to booking very early. Please don’t hate me… You will see why in a few lines.

We are on JetBlue Mint, and we have a private cabin, not just a seat.… Read the rest

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Ashtanga Yoga: Is Mysore Becoming Unsafe For Women? 3 Things You Can Do Now

A woman has recently been attacked by men in the area of Gokulam in Mysore as she was walking towards the led-ashtanga yoga-class that is held at 4:30 in the morning, and we are told, she would have been raped would it not have been for neighbors that intervened and stopped it.

Who tells me this? Anu.

Anu runs a cafe in Gokulam, Mysore, only a few blocks from the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute to which hundreds of students pour in during the months in which Sharath and Saraswati Jois (grandson and daughter of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois) open the doors to teach.

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Yoga Etiquete: 14 Rules To Remember When Visiting Out-Of-Town Studios

My recent visit to Toronto opened my eyes to the details that can make practicing in a yoga studio away from home more pleasant, things to be aware of, how to prepare, etc.  I went as far as making a list of all the things I thought which may come handy for others as well.

I am mostly writing it towards the Ashtanga Yoga community, with its own intricacies (self-practice most days, moon days, etc) and because that is the style I practice.

Take for example the point on practicing primary series only (if it is a Friday), that would not apply to people practicing any other style but Ashtanga.

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Toronto: An Ashtanga Yoga Heaven

The CN Tower downtown Toronto

I travel a lot.  It is the benefit of living with a sought-after speaker. It usually happens at short notice, and sometimes leaves me with not enough time to check all the Ashtanga Yoga studios of wherever it is we go to.

On top of things, our visit to Toronto last week was cut short by hurricane Sandy.

We had to return quickly, and good thing we did, otherwise who knows how long we would have had to stay in Canada and how much more damage our house would have suffered?  As it stands we only lost a couch, James comics, a mattress and a few other things, but nothing compared to the magnitude of what is happening in Queens, New Jersey or Staten Island.

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