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Iceland- Land of the Midnight Sun (Photos)

As destiny would have it,  we landed in Iceland last night, on a June midnight, which gives the legendary slogan to the place “the land of the midnight sun”.  They were not kidding… here are some photos:
Landing on the midnight sun (from the plane)
The time at the airport, that is PM

A sculpture right outside

Downtown Reykjavik

cute blue door

red doors

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God’s Speed

At the very start of the trip back from Mysore to Bangalore the driver stopped suddenly and for now reason.  I asked what happened? He said it was because of the temple. I liked that idea, even thought it auspicious. But as with everything in foreigner lands, things get lost in translation, it turns out he was really waiting for a call indicating that food was ready and he could pick it up before even picking up his co-driver. We had two more stops I was unaware of.  I was upset.  Not so much for the time, I knew we would make it to the airport with plenty of time for my flight, but more because he did not tell me the truth.… Read the rest
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I Want To Be A Yogi

This trip to Myosre has been a big eye opener to me. For years I have been desperately seeking recognition, wanting an authorization paper, a certificate, a stamp that says “you have put in the time”,  something that would fill in a desperate void and make me feel like a true yogi.

But I got to think a little deeper about it.  What does it mean to be authorized? Authorized to what?  To continue on a lineage? To be a beacon of light and and a guide to others who are interested in the path? And how do we do that if we don’t first become the beacon?

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Sharath comes in through the main door and foyer, chatty students fill the room again and it looks like it is fuller than ever.  He sits in silence for an uncomfortable long period of time.  We all look at him, the walls, then him again. A cell phone rings.  “Some girl is calling him” he says, laughter ensues.  Another long silence.  OK! finished conference! he says with a smile.  Everyone laughs.  Must be hard to talk for an hour after leading 3 classes.

Sharath:  There was a young boy, enlightened, who did not talk.  He goes to a town that has a big population and sits by the Bayan tree which is where people gather to talk.

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The Rugged Assistant/Sutdent: Latest Fashion Trend in Mysore

It all started with assistants.  Sharath’s assistants that is.  These sweet souls are very dedicated and helpful, and one thing about them is that they have to deal with very sweaty students. God bless them.

At some point, I suppose, someone took on the idea of using the cotton rug that Sharath wears around his waist to dry his hands after a particularly sweaty adjustment. Then suddenly all assistants are wearing one.   Now this is my speculation, it could be that they got the idea in a different way, and it may very well be that not all of them do it,  I just could not help noticing some similarities.

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