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YOGA: My Whole Life in 7 Boxes

Starting again. New Life. New City.  7 boxes in the garage, that is my life down there.

I take what I need when I need it. I am blessed to have friends that put me up in their home and opened their hearts.

I’ve known my friends for 30 years. They came to my home when they started from zero as well, in New York a long time ago.

There is something exciting about starting again. It is very difficult, but it is a new learning curve. How to survive, get an income a job a bed or a room or a studio.

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Yoga: How Do You Slow Down?

A huge ray of light hit the building at 3:00 AM and the tropical storm woke me up.  No sense in going back to bed.


I am writing now with my father’s Parker. A beauty.

But a slow beauty.   The thing moves alongside the page very slowly, ink flowing down into the paper, word by word.

Sometimes I can anticipate a sentence, but most of the time we are in a word-by-word basis, she and me. If I rush it all becomes illegible, a garabato, a mess.

My father's pen

My father’s pen

My mind is not Okay with this.

She is used to the rush, the quick email, the 9 to 5 and the 24/7 and the 7/11.  … Read the rest

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Yoga Anatomy: David Keil Review

Reviewing David Keil… Quite a pleasure

Great DVD

The First DVD

I found First DVD very informative and an in-depth resource for any practitioner or teacher that would like to dig deeper into what is happening inside the body.

Anatomy –the subject- is dry by itself but David manages to make it pleasant and interesting.

In my first impresion and doing what nobody should ever do, which is judging by the cover, I thougth that the DVD would be full of jokes, but it was not, it is very serious, and only has the ocassional touch.

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Yoga: Four Ways To Unveil The Truth

We are all one, we just have different accents.

Unveil the Truth

Unveil the Truth

But I realize understanding we are all one is not easy.  We are pre-programmed to think I am am me and you are you.

No such thing I’m afraid, not when we are able to unveil the truth

Have I? NO, no way, my veil seems tight and needs some grease and grace to open up.  I am as blind as I am willing to open the divine veil so I can see clear now.

The rain is gone.

Here are ten ways to unveil the truth:

1. – Awake to the Certainty that We Are All ONE

You are the one, and so am I.… Read the rest

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Yoga: I’m Here

We talk about planes, my brother, Mariano,  and me.

Yesterday in Benavidez I found my father’s captain bag, the one where he kept flying charts, notes, manuals with notes.  It smells like the 70’s and feels delicate.

It is black and rectangular in shape. It has stickers on the outside, one for Austral Airlines,  one from Japan, a red dot.  My dad was a captain.

Captain Clau

Captain Clau

It feels like family: rotten yet exciting.

Mariano, tells me about a show on the radio where they analyze plane crashes.  I don’t want to hear that. I adore airplanes.

“A Mythological Being” I said

Captain Hanks looked at me. … Read the rest

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