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James Uncovers The Truth About Claudia

Here is something unusual for The Yoga Podcast.

This time James Altucher (my husband) is interviewing me (the Yoga Teacher).

james altucher

And he is not holding back, he asks about personal things (very personal),

For example: about yoga:

  • About what brought me to it,
  • What it did to me,
  • What it can do for you, and
  • How it influences every moment of my life

Claudia Yoga

There was talk ranging the whole gamut:

  1. from Patanjali,
  2. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  3. To Professor Krishnamacharya and his student: BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois (founder of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga System)
  4. To Tiwari (one of the top pranayama (breathing) teachers in the world
  5. To Paul Dallaghan who taught me pranayama after learning it from Tiwari
  6. To Jessica, Kino, Gregor … everybody who came on the Yoga Podcast!
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The Ten Most Influential Books In My Writing

Thomas emailed and said: Maybe you could write a post listing the books that have expanded your creative mind as a writer.  Thank you. What a GREAT idea.

These are the books that set my heart on fire for writing.

 1)The Invitation” By Oriah Mountain Dreamer

I love her deep honesty.  Her vulnerability.  How she talks about where and how she hurts, and how she deals with it.  I owe her my deep desire to write truth, just like her… with total honesty, even if it is embarrassing.

I learned how to BLEED, and what that meant, when I read Oriah

She goes deep into her personal life, what she is feeling, where she fails, where she triumphs, where she hurts, and on and on.… Read the rest

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Michael Singer Second ‘Ever’ Live Interview Here

Let me tell you what happened to me when I read “The Surrender Experiment”” by Michale Singer, which by the way, JUST hit the NY Times Best-Seller… Of course.

It was a big surprise!


Mostly because I did NOT read it.

Instead… I EXPERIENCED it!

It went something like this, in every chapter, and in an endless loop…

– Wait. What!”

– Oh C’mon! Seriously!?

– And he surrendered to THAT?

– Really?

– And then THAT happened?

– WOW…. wow wow wow

Next chapter: Repeat… and on, and on, and on…

I could not put it down, in fact,  I switched between reading and listening in audio.  … Read the rest

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What is Compassion if You Can’t Help? Paul Dallaghan

Paul Dallaghan has a yoga retreat that I can only describe as the Richard Branson’s Isand for yoga

Any yoga “real thing” you’d like is there, at his place in Ko Samui, Thailand (I’ve been to the place twice). For example: ayurvedic treatments, infrared saunas, pool, steaming showers, excellent food, exceptional yoga and pranayama instruction and amazingly beautiful accommodations by the ocean…  [ If you can’t see the window with the play button click here to start listening ]

And he is one of the most humble people I know.  Maybe that is why everything good comes his way… Although life is not always easy…

I found out in a rather “brutal way” for podcast standards so to speak, that he is no longer with his wife… I went unconscious and said:

“I’m sorry”

To which he laughed and said: “Nothing to be sorry about, but yeah, go ahead”

Just like comedian and philosopher Louis CK says: divorce is a good thing…

When two people’s journeys come to an end, then so be it…

You can also click on these links to listen on Stitcher, I-Tunes or  ,


What We Talked About

  • He drops a bomb on me. 
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Should I Die: Manual for James Altucher’s New Wife


Image from hyperbole and a half

My stepdaughter wanted to know when I was going to die. She then asked: “How does it feel to be closer to death?”

Which made me think… If I die, someone new will need an instruction book for how to handle James.

So I came up with ten ideas, of course!

Listen closely

1) – Always Tie his Shoe Laces Before Leaving the House

He will complain. He will try to persuade you that he hasn’t tied them since he was six so he doesn’t need to. It’s his mutant power to walk around with untied shoelaces.… Read the rest

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