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Its my birthday so the snow can only be in my mind

I decided to rough it out and walk into the snow to get to the shala and practice on my birthday.  After all, what you do in this day sets the tone for the year ahead, you don’t want to be careless on an important occasion like this.  Then I got downstairs, I had never seen anything like it,  two feet of snow in front of the NY Stock Exchange, really?  It’s New York, you think it would have been cleared, like, “pronto”.

Picture (by BF) is circa 6 AM, you can barely see the snow but believe me it was coming.… Read the rest

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Tight days

Sometimes I feel really tight, maybe because I did not want to face the day, I don’t know, work is busy today, that may be why, thing is I felt it in my practice.

I was going through it and my mind was playing tricks on me, asking me to skip poses, and I just kept going. The hardest part came when it was time to do drop backs, that is when my mind seriously came up with some very good excuses to skip, really convicing words. It is amazing how clever my mind can be.

I confessed to Greg. He said that I was not the only one, and that it is a good thing we are not our minds, all of this while he was wrapping the towel around my waist and then, well, droping back I went.… Read the rest

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