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The Yoga Podcast #8 – From Corporate World To Yoga Teacher: Jessica Blanchard

I met Jessica while daydreaming of leaving the corporate world around 2005/6.  She was a resident teacher at Yoga Thailand, a great place in Ko Samui led by Paul and Jutima Dallaghan. I was a stressed out worker who did not enjoy the cubicle life.

But Jessica had been in the corporate world too.  And that is what attracted me to read about her, because I thought if she could do it, maybe I could too…

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The Yoga Podcast Ep# 5 David Garrigues: The Devotional Aspect Of Yoga

Last Spring I had a chance to take a workshop with David Garrigues at his institute in Philadelphia.
I was impressed by his enthusiastic, expressive movements, the passion in his way of teaching, and the softness (I cried like a baby) of the chanting part.
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David touches a nerve with the devotional side of yoga because when you sit through a chanting session and he is playing the harmonium and singing mantras you “feel things”.   
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The Yoga Podcast Ep# 4 Matthew Sweeney – Making Yoga Work For You

You know that episode where you introduce your guest and you do it all wrong? And then he has to stop you -very politely- to make corrections?  Well, this is one of those episodes…

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[Also: please forgive the quality of the Skype audio that gave us a little echo here and there… Bali-NYC/Skype connections can be iffy sometimes]

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