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Michael Singer Second ‘Ever’ Live Interview Here

Let me tell you what happened to me when I read “The Surrender Experiment”” by Michale Singer, which by the way, JUST hit the NY Times Best-Seller… Of course.

It was a big surprise!


Mostly because I did NOT read it.

Instead… I EXPERIENCED it!

It went something like this, in every chapter, and in an endless loop…

– Wait. What!”

– Oh C’mon! Seriously!?

– And he surrendered to THAT?

– Really?

– And then THAT happened?

– WOW…. wow wow wow

Next chapter: Repeat… and on, and on, and on…

I could not put it down, in fact,  I switched between reading and listening in audio.  … Read the rest

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Laruga Wakes Up at 2:45 AM For Yoga!

Laruga Glaser couldn’t help but being a yoga teacher… Life kept drawing her into it, even when she was kicked out of a yoga teacher training, it was not because of bad behavior but because… well, I’ll let you hear it from her:

If you don’t see the big photo with the play button click here to start listening to The Yoga Podcast episode #12 with this extraordinary practitioner and teacher.

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What is Special About Laruga

Even though she experienced hardships growing up, meaning abuse, which I can relate to, she learned through yoga to transcend and heal.… Read the rest

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I Had To Go! – The Yoga Podcast Ep#11

I had to go. Badly. But one of my three roommates was taking a luxury long shower in the only bathroom.  What to do?! No oh no! The thought crossed my mind…Use the Indian bathroom?  Me?

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None of the four of us sub-leasing that house in Mysore, South India circa 2008 had yet opened THAT door.

None of us had dared step into the vortex of how two thirds of the world do their business.

But I had to. What was the alternative?

So I did.

I opened the door…. Slowly.  … Read the rest

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The Plant Power Way With Julie Piatt

Julie Piatt is my woman crush… She is the embodiment of a yoga teacher, mother of four UN-schooled children, musician, artist, supportive wife of Ultra-man husband Rich Roll. She is also a healer, and a song writer, singer.  Are you impressed? I know I am!

If you cannot see the big image with the play button click here to listen.  Or listen in iTunes, Stitcher or


Listen to her for a few minutes and you will feel elevated.  She excudes calm, confidence and centeredness.  There must be something to this raising of our vibrations when we only eat plants and meditate at 4 AM everyday.… Read the rest

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The Yoga Episode #9 – Joy Marzec – A Movie Director In 4th Series Of Ashtanga Yoga

Joy Marzec is a movie writer, producer, director, a music band member, an idea machine, a complete choose yourself case (she invested what she would have paid in film school into making her own films), OH AND…

A yogi practicing the fourth series of Ashtanga Yoga (which in plain terms means something like winning an olympic gold medal three times, not that asana should EVER be on the olympics… But just to give you an idea)

If you cannot see the episode photo with the big play button click here to listen, or play in I-Tunes or Stitcher or Podbay.Fm
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