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The Yoga Podcast: Episode #3 Gregor Maehle: YOGA MEDITATION -The Real Thing

We can sit in meditation all we want but it means NOTHING unless both nostrils are working at the same time because that is the only physiological thing that sets the odds in our favor. Did you know that?

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Yoga Podcast Ep# 1: Fun And Useful Yoga Anatomy with David Keil

If I could study anatomy for yoga it would be with David Keil.  

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Let me give you some perspective so you see how special he is…

David attended a workshop with the legendary John Scott as a student back in the early 2000s, and was chosen to return to Scott’s workshops as a teacher of anatomy  for all subsequent teacher trainings, which he continues to do today, year after year.

He has a gift, which is to make anatomy interesting and specific to yoga.    

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