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3 Reasons NOT To Use A Strap On Forward Bends

Michael asked this great question on my private letter: What about using a strap for forward bends?

If you can’t see the video here is the link.

Michael asked this wonderful question in my private newsletter: What about using a strap for forward bends? [Here is the link to the video in case it does not show]

Great question! 

Here is my take In 3 Steps:


The issue with straps is that you can be very tempted to force…  so, if instead, you work on getting the right alignment and breathing, you will already feel the forward bend.

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5 Steps To A Headstand: Yoga’s Anti-Aging Secret

Yogis, smart people that they are, look at inversions in a revolutionary way:
They think that if, because of the effects of time and gravity, the skin is sagging, then obviously the internal organs are also sagging.
And so they work from the inside out by practicing daily postures that make use of gravity in their favor.
We can all use this force (gravity) to restore our organs to their original position in the blue print of the body, meaning the body we had when we were born, and slow the effect of gravity both internally and externally.
As you probably guessed, we do this by practicing inversions.
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What I’m Sweating Now… IS FEAR

I understand why the first and second series of Ashtanga yoga are called what they are. The first: “Yoga Therapy”, becomes clear because when I go through it I am sweating “Toxins”… 

The body smells badly at first, and eventually not so bad… and within a few years it is “just sweat”. 

The second series is called “Nerve Cleansing”… and that is the right name Because what I am sweating right now is FEAR… 

Pure fear.

As I face poses that open and twist the back to olympic levels I can see the anticipation in every cell. 

Everything screams No! (or tries to negotiate a later day, another time, another life) When in reality the body is now pretty bendy, malleable, ready.Read the rest
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How Do I Start Yoga? Or How Do I Re-Start After A While Of Not Doing It?

Two weeks ago someone asked James, in his Thursday Twitter Q&A, this question: How do I get started with yoga? James delegated the answer to me, which made me very happy.

Starting can be so simple, that I created a video so after you finish with this post you can roll your mat and get started at once. (Here is a link for the You Tube video if you can’t see it below)

And also, to MAKE IT SWEETER…

I started a ONE-YEAR LONG and open level YOGA COURSE.  It is by subscription only as I want dedicated, brave practitioners!

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