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India’s Immortal Tale of Adventure, Love and Wisdom

the Ashtanga room at the shala is changing as Christopher took with him the picture of Guruji as well as many other framed deities. Change is the only constant.

We now have a new statue of Shiva. It is huge and golden, and pretty, and scary. I am always scared of Shiva as he is quite keen in showing me my defects so I will work on them, and he does it in a loud way, and, I suspect, secretly laughing at my sorry humanity.

Just this morning I had been chanting the om nama shivaya chant, and last night I read in the Bhagavad Gita that Krishna says we must dedicate everything we do to him (to God he means).… Read the rest

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Ashtanga is a sloooooow process

So it is taking me forever to learn supta kurmasana. I find it interesting how annoyed I can get at not “getting” the pose.

Somedays I am able to grab both hands and put my legs crossed in front of me, with the help of an instructor of course, but then other days I am not even close, no matter how hard I try.

Yesterday I asked Greg as he was helping me bend over my knees after the drop-backs, “Does the primary series ever stop hurting?” Yes, he said, then “other things” start hurting…… Read the rest

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A Smiley Face landed in my backyard

At first I only caught a glimpse of it. Could it be?

Then I walked all the way just to see weather it was true, and there it was

And indeed it was.

I inquired with the family behind me, it was not theirs. I think it was meant for me. Life must be smiling at me to congratulate me for doing ashtanga twice on Friday.

Although then it put me straight to sleep for hours. I had forgotten how powerful this practice is, especially as the weather gets warmer and I am able to go much deeper.

When I got home last night I felt like three trucks had run through me.… Read the rest

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Doing ashtanga in the morning and the afternoon

So I did it. Last Friday, April 11, I did my practice in the morning and again in the afternoon.

I felt very sored on Saturday, perhaps as sore as proud.

I had heard the stories of people who say that they practiced twice a day for a while, and that as long as you keep it consistent, it should not be a problem.

I wanted to try and build up to every day, but just the thought of that would take me out of the “here and now” and into the realm of “what ifs”, so I am taking it slow.… Read the rest

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