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7 things I will NOT do in India

The next time I am blessed to visit India there are many things I would love to do, and there are things I know I would like to SKIP, here are seven:

1.- Drink the water, here is why

2.- Talk negatively about any school of yoga.  I rather speak positively, I am a believer in the power of words, they are spells, the cleaner the vocabulary the better.  Furthermore, hey I think I will only speak positively about it all.

3.- Beg for a pose.  This might be hard, but I pledge to surrender

4.- Stay up late.… Read the rest

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Pattabi Jois died today at 4:45 AM NY Time

Between my second and third sun salutation John stopped the class today to tell us that Pattabi Jois (center) passed away today.

He asked us to sit down for a minute and think about the greatness of this man, and the fact that we are in the studio every day, doing this type of yoga, and enjoying its benefits thanks to him.

As John helped me in Marichasana D I asked him if he was sad. “That is not the right word”, he answered. He seemed confused. I guess we all are. To John, Guruji as Pattabi Jois is lovingly called, was like a “grandfather”, someone he loved and respected very deeply, someone who guided him on this amazing path.… Read the rest

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On Second Series

Claudia, a friend I met in Mysore in January, came to visit over the weekend just to have brunch with the few of us at yogasutra who met there. We practiced and then went to Au Pain Quotidien.

As we were eating I took the “Success Cards” that I got from the Chopra Center and we all pulled one out.

For Perry, the one that came out said ” I protect my inner life from the opinions of others”, hmmm, wonder if I should even be publishing that one.

Claudia got: “I touch my spirit”

I got “I am patient”

We were all getting into spiritual discussions while they got their cards, but for some reason when I got my card, about patience, I felt so inpatient about being in primary series for so long.… Read the rest

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Conflicted Feelings

Nothing has worked better in my life than my daily Ashtanga practice, and I am completely aware that this is so, because I am me, but this is NOT the case for everyone else.

Since I “married” myself to the practice as I like to say, my body has been re-defined, my mind steadied, and a lot of emotional stuff that had to be dealt with at some point or another has come to the surface, quickly and it full force. I will spear you the tears.

There is no question in my mind that, at least for me, yoga is a spiritual path.… Read the rest

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Once in a while

Once in a while all the stars align.

Once every so often, it just so happens that the shala is not so crowded, friends are visiting and there is a plan for brunch after practice, and the asanas just flow, effortlessly, one behind the other, with nice concentration and graceful movements. Even Marichasana D is easy.

Today was one of those days.

After practice we met with Perry and Miranda for brunch and it was really nice to talk about the stories of Mysore, including the crazy adjustments from Sheshadri, whom both of them had a chance to experience, and they both still giggle about.… Read the rest

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