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The secrecy around pranayama

Nobody dares talk about pranayama (the science of breathing). Everyone will tell you that “you need to learn it from a qualified teacher”. Is there a “qualified teacher”?, I have not found one.

Guruji himself reportedly has his students wait until they finish 3rd series to start learning it.

So far I have found that Michael Gannon has a CD that explains some of the basics, and comes with a 30 day course, I have it on order as I would like to experience it.

I own Richard Freeman’s CD on pranayama, which is so slow and, topped with his monotonous yet sweet voice, puts me to sleep, really.… Read the rest

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Ready for Pranayama?

Today as I was closing, and for the first time ever, Greg came to help me with padmasana (lotus).

It sounds simple but the lotus we do on the ashtanga closing includes a specific mudra, three bandhas, and the breath… ah the breath.

Greg signaled me to take long breaths, and when he demonstrated I realized he really meant long, as in counting slowly to 8 for the inhale and slowly to exhale for 8 counts. As I followed him I started to sweat. Then I had a flash of memory from some advanced students at Sivananda Ashram in Quebeq who told me they also sweated when they were learning pranayama, and it dawned on me, I was doing pranayama.… Read the rest

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