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Yoga: Last Friday’s Practice Video in 5 Minutes

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2000.  But I committed to a DAILY – Non Interrupted Practice on April of 2007.

That means my practice has just turned 8 years old… Happy birthday dear practice, I am eternally grateful to you.


When this time of the year comes around I honor it with a YouTube video.

I set the mat, and then put the camera to take one photo every 4 seconds. Then I make it into a fast video.  It is mostly for me, to see the progress, to see what happens, and for fun.

This year I finally got to add the pranayama portion at the end, which I’ve been doing since last July.… Read the rest

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How Do I “Roll Over My Feet” When Transitioning From Up-Dog to Down-Dog and Vice Versa?

Julia asked me on AskClaudiaYoga how exactly does one roll over the feet when transitioning from up dog to down dog and vice versa. 

I am grateful for the question. Thanks Julia!

[Link to the video in case you can’t see it]

For starters, the way we align our pushup position (before we go into upward dog) is important. 

These are some things to keep in mind:

I recommend entering the push up (chaturanga) from plank, because that allows the alignment of wrists with the shoulders and provides information for the distance between the hands and feet, which is important.

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Yoga Hack: Getting to Touch your Toes in a Sited Forward-Bend

You probably heard that the body is NOT stiff… the “mind” is stiff…

Pattabhi Jois said that, and he was right… And that can be proven by this lovely little hack.

If when sited, as you attempt a forward bend, you cannot touch your toes, you can have a partner (in this case James, thanks J) touch your feet while you grab THEIR hands…

See the photo below where James helps me in two different versions. (If you can’t see the photo click “display images” on your Gmail)

On the left photo  he is hovering over me and the palms of his hands are touching my feet while I grab his wrists.

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Yoga: Start Practicing with these 3 Profound Poses

My friend Cheryl asked for the ‘impossible’:  3 poses (and only 3) to get started with yoga…

I get it though, she is a NY Times best-seller author, a fully booked coach, as well as an international public speaker, not to mention she writes, every, single, day… So … yeah, I get it, she only has a few minutes.

And so, after much thinking I came up with this short sequence which, even though is less than 10 minutes long, contains huge benefits for the body, mind and spirit.

[If the video is not showing click here to see it]

I am grateful to Cheryl for the question and quite happy that she liked it.

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