Going to Mumbai? 5 great yoga studios, says CNNGO

All this talk about India got me looking into google and I came across this article, apparently Mumbai is going yoga crazy!

Via CNNGO. Over the last two years yoga has taken over Mumbai. Private instructors have been coming to our homes for Rs 500-800 a session, Lower Parel Iyengar classes have three-month waiting lists, many more fitness centers are incorporating Ashtanga in their membership packages and schools are making space for it in their curriculums. 
One Bandra class even alternates Hatha yoga with a South Indian martial art called Kalaripayattu. 
Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor achieves her so-called zero digit figure based on a rigorous yoga routine and drew national attention for it, while copies of Shilpa Shetty’s yoga DVD sold like … well, a Shilpa Shetty yoga video. 
In 2011 the mind-body science is all set to be less of an exercise and more of a lifestyle choice. But if you’re new to it all, where do you begin? 
A yoga studio would be a good introductory step. They’re cheaper than private training sessions, their timings have adjusted more to suit Mumbai’s working professionals and a few have some really hard-to-ignore fringe benefits. You can read the article here


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  1. Claudia March 23, 2014 at 7:04 pm #

    i am from delhi but happen to attend Suveer&#39;s Ashtanga yoga classes during my short visit to mumbai 2 years back… i must say that this has been the most enlightening experience of my life…i am a fitness enthusiast but wasted money at gyms around delhi with unqualified coaches until i came across Suveer&#39;s yoga classes which had been recommended to me by my friend… <br /><br />the