I Had To Go! – The Yoga Podcast Ep#11

I had to go. Badly. But one of my three roommates was taking a luxury long shower in the only bathroom.  What to do?! No oh no! The thought crossed my mind…Use the Indian bathroom?  Me?

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None of the four of us sub-leasing that house in Mysore, South India circa 2008 had yet opened THAT door.

None of us had dared step into the vortex of how two thirds of the world do their business.

But I had to. What was the alternative?

So I did.

I opened the door…. Slowly.  Would the walls be splashed? Would there be water in the pot next to it? Would it even be clean? Would I fall into an infinite tunnel of shit?

No. Phew! Very clean.

I went outside to refill the pot with clean water, grabbed some extra toilette paper, closed the door, and did what I had to do.

Wait. What is this?


Even though it was uncomfortable, everything was easy… It almost felt… Hm, what is the word? NATURAL, human, normal. DIFFERENT.

Imagine my delight when I saw the episode of Shark Tank in which Bobby and Judy presented what they have come to call “Squatty-Potty” a company that created a stool so we can, IN THE WEST, squat easily…

Here is the episode of Shark Tank which is fun to watch

Because I have this habit of calling anyone who helps me evacuate my intestines better I picked up the phone and gave Bobby and Judy a call and they agreed to go on the podcast that I do with my husband: “Ask Altucher”.

The four of us had a lot to talk about. Almost every illness out there starts in the intestines.

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Bobby shipped me two Squatty-Potties ahead of the podcast recording so I could try it myself, and I have to tell you, I noticed a few things right away…

If you get put off by talk of how the body works, maybe skip these points…

As a yogi, I am fascinated by this type of things

Squatty potty

Diagram and photo from the website

1) It works JUST like the Indian toilette, only it is EASIER because my muscles don’t have to hold me in position, my legs simply raise to the occasion

2) It works.  It is the right position in which to do “our business”

3) This is only for women… I know… But I noticed that I was able to empty my bladder to an extent I had never done before… I mean, it kept going and going… Like the pink bunny

I will let you hear the episode and I hope you try it…


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James Altucher:          Claudia, you and I love the show Shark Tank.   I actually think the show Shark Tank is a great tool to teach kids about business and negotiation and so on. Today, rather than having one of the sharks on the show, we have one of the entrepreneurs who presented in front of Shark Tank – Bobby and Judy from Squatty Potty. Welcome to Ask Altucher. How are you guys doing?

Bobby:                         Good. Hi, James and Claudia.

Judy:                           Hi! We’re doing great.

James Altucher:          Just a quick run through, what day were you on Shark Tank?

Bobby:                         Our episode aired in November of 2014.

Judy:                           It was November 14th of last year.

James Altucher:          It was not so long ago. Has your life completely changed since it aired?

Bobby:                         It has, actually.   Yes.

Claudia Altucher:        It’s been 6-months.

James Altucher:          I want to get into the details of that episode plus the details of your product – which, by the way, is incredible. We’ll talk about that. In general, you did do a deal. You did the deal with Laurie from QVC. People always wonder what happens afterwards. How did your life change afterwards?

Bobby:                         It really is a game changer when you get into the Shark Tank bubble. Not only is it a great platform, so many people watch it, and they’re pretty fanatical about it. I’ve come to find out. We had such a unique message and such a unique product and something that nobody had ever heard of before. We didn’t know that we’re pooping wrong.

James Altucher:          So, let’s just explain the product really quickly. Basically, it’s like a bench that fits nicely under the toilet that forces the toilet to squat like humans have doing for millions of years, so essentially they poop better.

Claudia Altucher:        By the way, Bobby and Judy were so kind that three weeks ago they shipped us one, which we’ve been using.

James Altucher:          I’ve lost 10-pounds since then…. [laughter]

Claudia Altucher:        I cannot believe the amazing effects. I will say this at the risk of sounding shocking, I found that it not only helped number two, but it also helped number one. I had no idea there was so much liquid in me.

James Altucher:          How did it help number one?

Claudia Altucher:        I’m a woman, so you would not notice that. From the woman’s perspective – right, Judy?

Judy:                           Yes. It does help to empty the bladder. It puts pressure on the bladder in the squatting position. That’s really the way we’re supposed to go for both.

James Altucher:          Do you see how stupid I am at biology? I had to ask a woman like I’m 3-years-old. “What are we talking about?”

Judy:                           It helps to empty the bladder. The older you get, the bladder gets a little bit lazy. So, a lot of older women suffer from urinary tract infections because they’re not emptying their bladders well enough. The Squatty Potty helps put you in a position to help do that.

Claudia Altucher:        Yeah. I needed to find a book. I was like, “How long is this going to take?”

James Altucher:          All right. How did your life change after Shark Tank?

Bobby:                         So, when you get on the platform of Shark Tank, it can change everything. People responded to our product almost instantly.

Judy:                           It helped because it was Christmas time, as well. I think everybody got a Squatty Potty for Christmas.

Bobby:                         Within 48-hours of airing, we had already sold a million dollars in Squatty Potty’s.

James Altucher:          In retrospect, do you think it’s just good to go on and not take a deal?

Bobby:                         Anyone who asks me if they should go on Shark Tank, I highly recommend that anyone does it because it’s not only a learning experience for you as an entrepreneur and business owner, but it’s a huge boost, and it’s a valuable asset. The exposure you get is invaluable from such a platform.

James Altucher:          If nobody had offered you a deal, for instance, could that have been a negative?

Judy:                           I don’t think it would have been a negative.

Bobby:                         I don’t think so. I read an article the other day that said the value of going on Shark Tank is anywhere from $1-3-million dollars just to appear even if you don’t do a deal.

James Altucher:          So, there’s not doing a deal, and there’s also not doing a deal. Bobby, you were at risk a little bit with Barbara there just not liking you.

Judy:                           I don’t think she didn’t like him. She just didn’t trust him.

James Altucher:          Right – although she used the word like. I’ve never seen her quite like that.

Bobby:                         Right. It was a little painful and surprising to me because I had never had that happen before. You do put yourself at risk, and that’s what’s so scary about going on the show. You don’t know how they’re going to respond to your product, and especially a product like ours. It takes a little bit of education. Who is going to respond to your product? We got a lot of negative response in the very beginning, especially. We had a difficult time getting the product started because of the topic and what it was. Some advertising platforms wouldn’t allow us to advertise because they didn’t want this content on their site.

James Altucher:          Who wouldn’t let you advertise? Every platform advertises pornography, but they wouldn’t let you advertise something that has a health benefit.




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