I’m in Kairo Time

I’m at the edge of my seat, the international sign of expectation, what will happen now? – Forgive the jet lag I’m in new territory.

A Green Lung for Cairo, photo and story

I surrender to Life and walk into situations with space, eyes wide open, no labels, no fear, no more of what I think. Like a detective, I take it all in.

I trust fiercely, like any two-year-old does.

I steer clear of chronological time.

Chronos, as per the ancient Greeks, is sequential time: AM/PM.

Kairo is a feel, it’s the right time and place, the opportune moment, the spirit of attention, the synchronicity of what happens when I let go of trying to control everything. Kairo is Now. It’s peace.

In Kairo I catalogue my anger, write it down, splash it on black ink onto the white page, then let someone witness my distress, put it in perspective. I see my part instead.

I say those terrifying words: You were right, I was wrong. Often.

I drop the magnifier I use to see what you did wrong, and grab the mirror instead. Where could I go right -today?

Kairo is when I let go of running because we all know the train already left the station, so I slow down, only to find it waiting for me still, something about conductors. I’m going home.

It is the Autum’s golden sun shinning through my red hair, sparking a rainbow of colors twinkling in my face.

It’s writing this and knowing you feel it too, at least sometimes, as do I.

And the deep inhale happens. And the jaw relaxes, the tension gives. It just does.

I am not in Egypt, I am here. Fully. Present. Available.

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