Moon Day Slow Practice with Grimmly and Ramaswami

A slow gentle practice is what I wanted for today since it is a moon day in Ashtanga.  I wanted to start practicing some of the meditative subroutines of Vinyasa Krama so I looked at Grimmly’s book for that, fantastic resource by the way, and ended up doing just two subroutines within the meditative sequence (Day 51) as I was pressed for time.

I should have included the five minute paschimotanasana come to think of it, but I forgot.  This was good anyway, it does indeed leave you in good conditions for concentration.

After the sun salutes and the sub-routines I did what Ramaswami taught us in the workshop last Saturday, for which I am so grateful.  Kapalabhati with arms to the side, raised and raised and crossed, still having difficulty getting to 36 pumps with the arms up.  Then nadi sodhana with bandhas for both retentions when the breath was in and out (he did not tell us to do it with the breath in but I am used to it so it was OK).

Then two minutes of pratyahara, sense withdrawal with the mudra followed by sweet concentration.

I am surprised at how much of an effect in the nervous system a short practice like this can have. I was left a lot more focused and centered.

Here are some pictures of the routine:

Transitioning into pranayama

preparing for pranayama

kapalabhati with arms lowered, two rounds, 36

kapalabhati with arms raised, a challenge

even more “interesting”

nadi shodana

preparing for pratyahara mudra -sense withdrawal-

focusing on the breath – Ramaswami does it on mantra
but I have been working on the breath since the Vipassanas

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5 Responses to Moon Day Slow Practice with Grimmly and Ramaswami

  1. Grimmly April 20, 2012 at 2:56 pm #

    Love the post Claudia, are the pictures screenshots from a video or did you have James standing there for half an hour taking photos. Especially love the pratyahara ones ; ) Thanks you for the mention, sorry the pictures in my book are so small they need to bring an iPad out in A3, even worse on the kindle (though you can make them bigger).

  2. Claudia April 20, 2012 at 5:26 pm #

    Your book is coming very handy Grimmly, and I think the pictures are fair sided, if they were smaller than this it could be a problem but so far it has been working, guess it helps to have a trained eye, but the fact that you also link to videos is very useful, those you can definitelly make bigger.<br /><br />The camera I have happens to have an intermitent shutter function, so I set it to take

  3. priscilla wood April 22, 2012 at 2:12 pm #

    Very engaging pictures Claudia. One question, do you practice on an empty stomach? At what time do you usually practice? Thanks.

    • Claudia April 22, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

      Hi Priscilla, yes always on an empty stomach, in the morning, but funny you should ask, this particular practice is not my daily practice, I have a post coming up on it, it is a routine from Ramaswami which I did on the moon day, taking advantage of the &quot;rest day&quot; for Ashtanga… so it was in the afternoon, I had eaten breakfast about 3 or 4 hours prior to getting on the mat.

  4. priscilla wood April 22, 2012 at 7:30 pm #

    Ok, yes I asked because I usually have the eating/practice dilemma and since it didn&#39;t look too early in the morning I wondered if you had&#39;t eaten all day waiting for your practice, silly me. Thanks for replying.