My favorite Yoga Books of 2010

I know it’s 2011and lots of yoga books are coming out this year, but last year was a very special one. For example it brough up some surprises as scholars started going main stream with the origins of yoga in America.  Also Richard Freeman published the sister book to his CD Series: “Yoga Matrix”, a gem.

All in all these are my favorites of the ones published last year

Krishnamacharya died on February 28th, 1989.  I first realized that he was the master behind my lineage (and pretty much any lineage around these days) in the early 2000s, so as much I as I would have wished to travel and meet him, I never had a chance.

This is why a book like Krishnamacharya: His Life and Teachings by A.G.Mohan is so valuable, so precious. For more click here

I am eternally grateful for this book, and at the same time, if I am honest, also a bit disappointed, but in a good way.  I find that good ol’Richard has tricked me… or not.  In any event, I am grateful he did.  

see here for more

Yoga 2.0: Shamanic Echoes is peculiar. It is self published, a thin book, open to the possibility of a sequel, coming from non-flashy-yogis, relying on word of mouth for distribution and a delight to read. It has very refreshing language, and takes a completely different angle from anything yoga related I have ever read.  More here

found this book fascinating, especially the part where I am in the book.   …. It made me feel as much a part of the history of yoga as the author, more here

Perhaps the most unsettling thing about Singleton’s Yoga Body: The origins of modern posture practice, is that it narrows on the ashtanga system (chapter 9 is all about the Mysore style), it brings it under the microscope far closer than say, Iyengar (although he gets his share of discrediting too).
More here

This one has December of 09 as publication in paper back, and it is one of my favorite books of all time, there are many things I like it, the philosophy, the anatomy, the poses the bits of helpful information.  Here is more on why I like it so much.

And I suppose the list would not be complete without adding Richard Freeman’s “The Yoga Matrix”.  It was not published in 2010, (its from 2003), but it is the perfect companion to the Mirror of Yoga shown above, as it has pretty much he same material but it includes the chants, and it is a pleasure to hear Richard talk.

Talk about a story telling marathon! Eddie Stern and Guy Donahaye did us all a service by compiling stories from practitioners of different backgrounds who spent quite a bit of time with the Guru himself.  I am still enjoying the book, one chapter at the time.   

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