My Part in this Mess

It is difficult to glance at the news today, it hurts, and at the same time it’s irresponsible to avoid them.  Yes, it’s troublesome and it throws me off-center.  But it’s happening, and as per Marianne Williamson’s recent talk, pretending to be all spiritual and denying the reality around me, thinking I am beyond because I am on a spiritual path is tone deaf.

From the children still in cages in Texas crying “mami!” or returning to their parents with PTSD or worse, dead, to the desperation I imagine the mothers must be feeling, to an administration that has thrown all decency out the window and threatens countries through Twitter to divert attention from treason, to racial profiling and killing, to the Muslim ban, denying climate change, exploiting all resources for profit, and so on. This is not normal, acceptable, or something someone spiritual would not look at, thinking that way is denial.

I fear most for the children, because all of us have been wounded at a young age. Back when we were kids the slightest indifference or hurt made us vulnerable to agony, those of us who grew up in alcoholic families or neglecting homes get triggered even more.  To see the pain inflicted to 3000 kids in United States in the most brutal, unconstitutional way, on our watch, is disheartening.

I know I played a part in the mess we find ourselves today.  I did so when I  refused to vote in a previous election thinking it would not make a difference, I did when I stopped paying attention, I did when I thought others would take care of the my country the planet, anyone but me.  I was busy with me, my trauma and my own little story.

While I am not out to throw a pity party or judge anyone I do need to wake up, because as Eckhart Tolle said a few years ago, we must see things for what they are, there is no more time to go to an ashram for 30 years.

We, well I, need to sober up from indifference drunkenness, recognize that the issues are much larger than how many visitors I get in my blog.

I marched three times in the past 18 months, twice for women, and once for children.  The latter was a small march in my town. We were about 50 to 75 people walking down a street, like so many others in America, chanting and asking or justice.  Some cars passing by joined us in camaraderie while others shouted the Trump card. Haters will hate.

And that brings me to the question:  How can we avoid hate?  How can we listen to each other when the divide is so big?  How can follow the example of Dr. Martin Luther King and resist and persist but not hit back?

Because if that is not what yoga I don’t know what is.  How can we get enough peace to calm our minds when we sit in silence to attempt meditation if the thoughts in our heads are much stronger than our own little world, and -at least in my case- I am not part of the solution?

These times of #MeToo have touched many yoga traditions, not to mention Christianity in its despicable abuse of children.

This is the time to challenge authorities, to recognize nobody is a guru, nobody knows more or less, knowledge is not wisdom and if I feel a burning desire to question it is because something is happening that I find needs clarification.

Today Google has a banner reading: “Register to Vote” on its home page.  I hope you join me.


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