The Neck

Perhaps its because of the summer that my body is opening up and going “further” into the poses, it feels good to go back into the depths of them, as I did previosly only in the heat of India.

As I relax further into the janu sirsasanas and my nose touches my knee I have come to the conclusion that relaxing the neck is imperative.

The only thing I did not expect was that relaxing the neck can actually open a whole can of worms.

There is so much tension accumulated in my neck that I was not aware of, that I am in awe.… Read the rest

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Ashtanga is a sloooooow process

So it is taking me forever to learn supta kurmasana. I find it interesting how annoyed I can get at not “getting” the pose.

Somedays I am able to grab both hands and put my legs crossed in front of me, with the help of an instructor of course, but then other days I am not even close, no matter how hard I try.

Yesterday I asked Greg as he was helping me bend over my knees after the drop-backs, “Does the primary series ever stop hurting?” Yes, he said, then “other things” start hurting…… Read the rest

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Subtle Anatomy Workshop

Christopher, our main teacher at yogasutra, is taking a month off because he is not feeling well. That is the “oficial” word, we don’t really know what is happening.

Anyway, I found out that he was going to give a workshop on subtle body anatomy at the yoga shala on Broadway, and registered. I had wanted to take this workshop for a while but it conflicted with my schedule in the past.

I was really excited about this Friday, but yesterday I got an email saying that it has been canceled.

It is amazing how unsetling it can be to know that your own yoga teacher (at least one of them) is not doing well… not to mention that I really wanted to attend this workshop.… Read the rest

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Yogasutra opens in Philly

I heard today in the bathroom after yoga class, that there is a new location for yogasutra in Philly… great news, the target open day is May 12. Here is a link

Also today we found out semi-officially that Christopher is taking some time off as he is not feeling very well. We all signed up a card for him.

I hope he gets better and returns…
The picture is of a shrine I keep in my office surounded by plants and more plants.

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