Yogasutra opens in Philly

I heard today in the bathroom after yoga class, that there is a new location for yogasutra in Philly… great news, the target open day is May 12. Here is a link

Also today we found out semi-officially that Christopher is taking some time off as he is not feeling very well. We all signed up a card for him.

I hope he gets better and returns…
The picture is of a shrine I keep in my office surounded by plants and more plants.

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Delicious Chilli

It was meant to be. Today I prepared myself to cook a chilli, which is an amazing vegetarian recipe I learned from my friend Gloria’s husband, Stephen. He cooked it for Nina’s birthday a few weeks ago (their 6-year old).

I received confirmation from the universe that it was the right thing to do today when I actually walked into him (and his lovely 2 year old son Logan who thought that my neckless was “lord of the rings”), at the Whole Foods, and he confirmed the recipe.

I highly recommend trying this at home.

Fry in olive oil onions and garlic (hmmmm) add cummin and knor cubes, then add tomato chopped (canned is good), and then garbanzo and pinto beans (also canned is good if pressed for time), and at the last minute corn…

Enjoy!… Read the rest
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What is up with “ladies holidays”?

Everyone seems to have a theory on “ladies holidays”. Many of them even dictate what should or should not be done. Most of the people I have heard avise from happen to be men, which is curious, since as far as I know they do not menstruate.

So this time around I decided to let my lovely female body be the judge, and I would ask it.

On the first day of my period (what is up with this “ladies holiday” thing after all, what are we trying to cover?), anyway, on the first day I am usually in a situation where I cannot think straight, the dilatation of my organs, I suppose to make way for the flow, is so intense that I am left feeling like I want to say “haaaa” “hhaaaa” (add painful face expression) the whole day.… Read the rest

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A Smiley Face landed in my backyard

At first I only caught a glimpse of it. Could it be?

Then I walked all the way just to see weather it was true, and there it was

And indeed it was.

I inquired with the family behind me, it was not theirs. I think it was meant for me. Life must be smiling at me to congratulate me for doing ashtanga twice on Friday.

Although then it put me straight to sleep for hours. I had forgotten how powerful this practice is, especially as the weather gets warmer and I am able to go much deeper.

When I got home last night I felt like three trucks had run through me.… Read the rest

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