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32 Questions To Ask To Clear What No Longer Serves

If we have emotional baggage or hoard gross objects, then we are causing the flow of life to stop, we clug the hallways and by repercution our arteries.

How are you flowing?  Here are 32 areas to ponder on, and perhaps even take some action, maybe use yoga techniques to restore the mind into its pristine, shinning peaceful and centered state.

Eating habits: What junk am I eating?

Skin: Do take care of the biggest area of my body? do I dry brush? moisturize? oil?
Flowing internally:  When was the last time I went to the bathroom? Do I go every day?
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I wanted this post to be special and to include only those entries I read throughout the year that added value for all, and of course, relate to Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of Bramacharia, Krishnamacharya, Jois, Ramaswami et all.

I am SURE there are other valuable posts I may have missed. Feel free to share links in the comments if you found something that taught you, left you thinking, helped you along the path and relates to ashtanga.  As long as it adds value it belongs on the list.  Together with the link let us know why it is relevant, what it taught you and how it relates to the practice.

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32 Steps To A Slow-Built, Solid, And Thriving Yoga Teraphy Practice

Ironically my journey into Yoga Therapy begins with case number ONE filed under: Myself.  I have Lyme disease, and I am studying it just as I feel it, just as I loose all energy and need to lay in bed and only write or think when I get ‘windows’ of energy.

Not only that, I am using yoga or not using it when it is impossible to use.  I know my case will not be valuable information for everyone, but I also know that some of it will be.  Nothing is clear cut, black or white, such is life.

May Ganesh remove obstacles so we can be
dedicated, grounded, true professionals, and channel the Divine

This disease, what I am going through, is how I believe, we, organically, and in a real way, become yogis that venture into the field of therapy.

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32 Unusual Signs That You Are an EXTRAORDINARY Practitioner

Hello world, good to see you, seems I have fallen down the side of the Earth, and one hot earth that is here in the North East of the Americas.  And so, the question of the day is: How bad do you want it? I mean really. How BAAAAADDD?

I was reading Yoga Tradition, the book that is a must read for every serious practitioner (even in 180 degree weather, yes I am exaggerating it is hot here!)  when I came upon Feurestein telling us that the Shiva-Samhita (and ancient yoga text) distinguishes four types of aspirants, which one is you?… Read the rest

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The Only 32 Things You Need to Know About Yoga

Ancient texts written by sage-genius and yogis contain all their knowledge in the first four sutras.  Patanjali, who compiled the Yoga Sutras over 2500 years ago, or the ancient ‘bible of yoga’ is no exception.  Based on his work, here are the only 32 things anyone interested in yoga needs to know:

1.- Raw Materials. Our body and mind are the only things can relatively control and affect, it is the only tool which connects us with reality. It is all we have.

One of the elements. My God-Daughter (10) says water is not actually
an element, but rather a combination of elements.
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