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Yoga Meditation: The Proper Way

I’ve not learned yoga meditation directly from a teacher in the past 18 years. Then, Gregor Maehle published his fourth book: Yoga Meditation in 2003.

This is by far my favorite book of his, not only because it is well written and easy-to-understand, but also because I had never found all the information in one place.

Click on the image to get and read the book

I chose the back of the book here to show the “Yantras” (mystical diagrams) shape and colors which are forms we can visualize in the advanced stages of meditation

Vipassana Meditation Drove Me Crazy

I’ve tried Vipassana, and on my first 10-day course I felt like I was going insane. … Read the rest

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Yoga: Last Friday’s Practice Video in 5 Minutes

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2000.  But I committed to a DAILY – Non Interrupted Practice on April of 2007.

That means my practice has just turned 8 years old… Happy birthday dear practice, I am eternally grateful to you.


When this time of the year comes around I honor it with a YouTube video.

I set the mat, and then put the camera to take one photo every 4 seconds. Then I make it into a fast video.  It is mostly for me, to see the progress, to see what happens, and for fun.

This year I finally got to add the pranayama portion at the end, which I’ve been doing since last July.… Read the rest

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Tony Robbins Gives Me An Amazing Yoga Tip

I’m a lucky girl, I got to meet Tony Robbins in his house in Florida because James was interviewing him for his podcast, and because of the release of Robbins’s latest book: “Money”.

[If the video is not showing here is the link]

Tony has been an inspiration to me since forever. And meeting him in person was amazing, because he exudes positive energy.

Now, if you told me a few months ago that I would find an incredible yoga tip in a book called “Money” I would be suspicious, but there it was, on page 42… in black and white.

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YOGA: How Do I Motivate Myself To Practice Day After Day – 3 Suggestions

Paula shared her frustration with the repetition part of the asana practice.  Do you sometimes feel like quitting? she said.  I think is fair to say we’ve all been there at some point.

As per me,  I find that the rigidity is mostly  of the “mind” because the mind gets bored easily.  And it wants out.

[If the video is not showing, here is the link]

I also find that when the mind gets “bored” it is probably because a break-through or a deepening is happening.

Leaving the practice could be counter-productive at a time of discomfort because it is exactly when things are shifting.

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Video Of Garbha Pindasana A Year Ago And Today –

Some doctors thought a pose like this would be impossible for me. Ever!

I feel like a kid in a craft store, I have videos of a few poses taken a year ago and now I can re-take them.  It fulfills my desire of documenting the progress of what happens to a person as she surrenders herself to this wonderful practice of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga.  Lucky me. 

Here is garbha pindasana at around this time in 2011. A bit messy, but I remember being so happy at the fact that I could FINALLY get my legs in lotus and hold them there for the duration.

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