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God’s Speed

At the very start of the trip back from Mysore to Bangalore the driver stopped suddenly and for now reason.  I asked what happened? He said it was because of the temple. I liked that idea, even thought it auspicious. But as with everything in foreigner lands, things get lost in translation, it turns out he was really waiting for a call indicating that food was ready and he could pick it up before even picking up his co-driver. We had two more stops I was unaware of.  I was upset.  Not so much for the time, I knew we would make it to the airport with plenty of time for my flight, but more because he did not tell me the truth.… Read the rest
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6 Ways in Which An Ashtangi Used The Practice For Open Heart Surgery

A fantastic guest-post, well, more like a letter really, by Donald. He is an ashtanga practitioner who has just undergone open heart surgery.  We are so happy he is back! Below he tells us how he avoided anxiety and how after one month, ONE MONTH, he is back to practice! Extraordinary!

It has been a month now since my open heart surgery and I wanted to thank you for your well wishes. I am deeply touched. I felt the presence of you spirit and prayers on that day and wanted to let you know that I’m doing fine.  After surgery, the first week and a half at home was hard.… Read the rest
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