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Impossible Without Sweating! Video of My New Yoga Routine

This summer I started working on the poses of the intermediate series of Ashtanga while adding back-bends in between each one of the poses as you can see in this heavily-edited 4 minute video:

I sweat tons!  Practice is about 2 hours long when I count all of the primary series plus this little new adventure…

When I back-bend like this,  as if the end of the world is upon me and I must get them out of my system, my practice improves.  For example:

In the middle of the routine I am able to come on top of the arms and straighten them, as well as straighten the legs.

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Ashtanga Yoga Vocabulary: 10 Terms To Know Before Heading To Class

Ashtanga Yoga has some specific words and terms that confuse me! said a friend recently as we were talking about styles of yoga, and she was curious about the Mysore practice I do.

I could relate. Aside for the poses being mostly called in Sanskrit there is a rainbow of terms used within Ashtanga yoga that can be intimidating.

Here is a list of 10 terms I can think of that could come handy for someone approaching this wonderful practice. I also wrote their meaning, in a short and simple way, making it a bit more accessible, or so I hope.

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Ashtanga Yoga As It Is, by Matthew Sweeney- Book Review

In January of 2008 during one of the many electricity cuts in Mysore, Martina and I looked at Mathew’s book by candle-light sitted on the floor.

We would look at, say, Marichasana F (yes there is an F) and then we would look at each other while lit up just by the horrifying shadows of a moving flame and go: “no!, impossible!“, then break up laughing.  We did this for hours.  No electricity!

The book is spiral binded which makes it easy to turn pages and even display in poster style, should you want to, which you may.

He has a great introduction in which he talks about Jois, Krishnamacharya, the practice, the ujjaji breath,  alignment, core postures of the first and second series, bandhas and more.

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7 Reasons Why Ashtanga Yoga Is Not Hard

When I first started practicing Ashtanga Yoga I would switch between Darby’s primary series DVD and Freeman’s intermediate series. Monday for Darby’s, Tuesday for Freeman.  I had never done ashtanga before, so I thought I could breeze through the different series.  Was I deluded? Completely!

When I see James (a complete beginner) come out of one of the led classes expressionless other than using enough muscle to say: “brutal”, then it looks hard.  Let’s also point out that He, just like me, has been bitten by the “wanting to do it all at once” bug.  It is in the air.

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Claudia’s Guide to Mysore, India

So you are finally ready to visit Mysore… Congrats!  Read on and get ready for the adventure…
Traditional delicious food

If you are a woman planning  read this post first, it’s THAT important. And if you are a man read it too.

Mysore is generally safe but recently there have been some security issues, and is better to be safe than sorry.  Now back to the post.

Ever since my first trip to Mysore I wanted to have a comprehensive list of information, as in: when to go, how to prepare, what to pack, places to stay, where to eat, etc.

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